Mail Online’s article blunder: Potential new James Bond, Damson Idris mistaken for Idris Elba’s sibling

Gemma Thomas
Gemma Thomas
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Contrary to the claims made by Mail Online today, Damson Idris is not the brother of actor Idris Elba surnames, and there is no familial connection between the individuals.

Discussing the possibility of Damson Idris being cast as the next James Bond, the article suggested that Damson Idris could potentially take a role previously earmarked for his “older brother,” Idris Elba. Fact checkers at the Daily Mail clearly missed this one. The newspaper might consider adding themselves to their own infamous ‘sidebar of shame’ this weekend for this careless blunder.

It is not the first time that the false assertion regarding the relationship between two prominent actors has been made. Idris himself has publicly addressed this misconception on previous occasions. He related an encounter with Idris Elba at a friend’s party, where the seasoned actor clarified the situation by stating, “I know you, I know you. They always ask if you’re my little brother. You’re doing good, you’re doing good.”

The Mail mistook Damson for Idris Elba’s brother

Damson Idris – The Rising Star in the 007 Race

According to reputable sources, including SkyBet, the race for the coveted 007 role includes several notable contenders. Alongside Damson Idris and Aaron Taylor-Johnson, other prominent actors in contention are Rege-Jean Page, Henry Cavill, and James Norton.

Damson Idris, recognised for his exceptional portrayal in Snowfall, has garnered widespread acclaim for his acting prowess. In recent developments, bookmakers have identified him as the second-favourite contender for the iconic role of James Bond, also known as 007. The top position, presently held by Aaron Taylor-Johnson of Kick-Ass fame, has seen his odds reduced to 5/2.

However, amidst the lineup of hopefuls, some surprising names have emerged as long-shot candidates. Richard Ayoade, known for his comedic work, distinguished actor Colin Firth, and even esteemed newsreader Clive Myrie have been listed with odds at 1000/1.

As the anticipation builds, industry observers and fans alike eagerly await the final decision on who will assume the mantle of the iconic secret agent.

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