Cop who exposed Jimmy Saville shares his thoughts on Russell Brand’s accusers

Gemma Thomas
Gemma Thomas
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Mark Williams-Thomas: The Man Behind Major Exposés

Mark Alan Williams-Thomas, a name that resonates with many in the UK, is an English investigative journalist, sexual abuse victim advocate, and a former police officer. Furthermore, he is a regular face on prominent television platforms, often seen reporting on ‘This Morning’ and ‘Channel 4 News’. Additionally, he is closely associated with the ITV series ‘Exposure’ and the critically acclaimed crime series ‘The Investigator: A British Crime Story’ which airs on both ITV and Netflix.

Exposing Darkness: The Jimmy Savile Case

As a testament to his prowess, Mark Williams-Thomas is best remembered for his stellar work in child-protection. Most notably, he sent shockwaves across the nation in 2012 when he presented “The Other Side of Jimmy Savile” – a hard-hitting documentary that unveiled the dark secrets of Jimmy Savile, exposing him as a paedophile. This groundbreaking documentary, part of the ‘Exposure’ series, won numerous accolades. Moreover, it catalysed the launch of the Operation Yewtree police investigation. Apart from this monumental exposure, Williams-Thomas has delved deep into several high-profile cases, including the unsettling disappearance of Madeleine McCann.

Williams-Thomas Weighs In on Russell Brand Allegations

Given his expertise and experience in investigative journalism, Mark Williams-Thomas is a respected voice in the industry. Ultimately, when he speaks, people tend to listen. In light of recent allegations surrounding Russell Brand, he consequently took to Twitter on 17th September, 2023, to voice his insights. The tweet read:

“Just watched #RussellBrand programme. Some very powerful & compelling accounts from 5 women – if they don’t know each other then there are some very similar factual pieces of evidence which certainly support their accounts as being true. Those criticising the media are wrong, investigative journalism plays such a vital role in exposing wrongdoing in society and sadly is a dying trade. The programme, I know, has already given other women the confidence to come forward. We now need all working with them, to give them the support to go to the police & make formal reports.”

Response to the Twitter post

The twitter post by the former police officer saw a number of users respond to the claims made against Brand.

Esoteric187 said, “Will await the courts verdict.”

Linda Button posted: “You first go to the Police

And as a former police officer isn’t that what they should have done all those years ago”

Phil 777 responded directly to Mark Williams-Thomas by saying, “Mark – I respect your opinion but Brand goes on TV attacking Raytheon, Lockheed, Pfizer, vaccinations, Covid, MSNBC, Fox, BlackRock etc and then 6 months later rape accusations surface.Hmm”

Whilst Heathermerryweather believes that “Russell Brand deserves a fair trial. Not trial by media.”

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