Matt Lucas reveals the truth behind little britain reboot rumours

Richard Bevan
Richard Bevan
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Matt Lucas has recently taken to X (formerly Twitter) to set the record straight about the rumours circulating regarding a potential reboot of the beloved sketch comedy Little Britain.

The confusion began when headlines suggested that Lucas and his comedy partner David Walliams were bringing back the iconic show. However, Lucas quickly addressed the speculations, asserting, “Sorry to disappoint you (or delight you), but the stories in the papers about me and David writing a new series of Little Britain are not true. We’re working on a different idea.”

This clarification comes in the wake of earlier reports that Lucas and Walliams were planning a project that aimed to incorporate diverse talent both on screen and in the writers’ room. Lucas explained, “[We want to] conceive it as something which is just not about me and David playing absolutely everyone.”

Matt Lucas denied the rumours on his X account.

The confusion surrounding the reboot rumours is not the first time Little Britain has been in the spotlight for controversy. Originally airing in the early 2000s, the show faced criticism for portraying certain characters. This issue resurfaced in 2020 when both Lucas and Walliams issued a public apology for their depiction of characters from various racial backgrounds in both Little Britain and another sketch comedy, Come Fly With Me.

In response to the criticism, the BBC removed Little Britain from its iPlayer service, only to later reinstate it in an edited form with some scenes removed. The changes aimed to align with the evolving cultural landscape and address concerns raised by the audience.

Addressing the criticisms and the decision to remain relatively silent on the matter, Lucas explained, “Because some people are upset about what we do, or what we have done, out of respect to those people, I don’t talk about it publicly because I don’t want to cause further upset.”

Little Britain has faced widespread criticism for certain characters.

Lucas acknowledges the diverse opinions surrounding the show, stating, “I totally accept there are different opinions. I accept people feel very differently from others, and I respect everyone’s opinion wherever they come from on this subject. I see things differently now to how we did. Things have changed, and I respect that.”

As for what Matt Lucas has been up to lately, aside from addressing the Little Britain rumours, he and Walliams are actively working on a new series promising a fresh concept distinct from the comedic duo’s previous endeavours. With their commitment to inclusivity and diverse talent, the duo aims to create content that resonates with a broader audience.

Little Britain, which premiered two decades ago, remains a landmark in mockumentary sketch comedy.

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