Mel B explains why she thinks James Corden is the “biggest d***head” celebrity going

Richard Bevan
Richard Bevan
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In a recent appearance on Joe Lycett’s show, Mel B unapologetically stood by her scathing criticism of James Corden. The Spice Girl labelled him the “biggest d***head celebrity” she’s ever met. This bombshell revelation unfolded during a Spice Girls quiz on Late Night Lycett.

When asked about the biggest d***head celebrity she’s encountered, Mel B did not hesitate. With a mischievous grin, she confidently raised her hand, proclaiming, “Me!”. This candid admission was not an isolated incident but a continuation of her outspoken critique of the former Late Late Show host.

During her initial declaration on The Big Narstie Show in December 2022, Mel B shed light on her disdain for Corden, emphasising the importance of kindness on set. She asserted, “You should always be nice, and he hasn’t been very nice”. This echoes the growing backlash against Corden, who faced criticism in October 2022 for alleged mistreatment of waiting staff at a New York eatery, Balthazar.

The Spice Girl member has always been outspoken about other celebrities.

Mel B takes aim at other celebrities

The Gavin and Stacey star’s ban from the restaurant prompted public outrage, with restaurant owner Keith McNally branding him a “cretin of a man“. Despite Corden’s subsequent apology and the lifting of the ban, the incident fueled Mel B’s negative perception of him.

Mel B’s candidness extended beyond Corden, as she also listed Geri Halliwell, Jessie J, and even herself among the irritating celebrities. Her unfiltered commentary showcases the Spice Girls icon’s refusal to conform to the polished image often associated with the glitz and glamour of showbiz.

In a refreshingly honest moment, Mel B revealed her candid views on Geri Halliwell during the same appearance. She declared her love for Geri but didn’t shy away from labelling her as “f***king annoying”. This level of transparency and lack of filter is what we expect from Mel B!

Mel B’s recent appearances have been anything but conventional. Her lively interaction on The One Show, where she and Ruby Wax rolled around in laughter, received mixed reviews. Some viewers dubbed it a “car crash” while others criticized host Alex Jones for “losing control.” Mel B, however, seems unfazed by any potential backlash, standing firm in her authentic expression.

Rumours have started circulating about a potential return for the Spice Girls.

Meanwhile, rumours are swirling about a potential Spice Girls tour in the coming year. While fans eagerly anticipate a reunion of the iconic girl group, these tour plans remain unconfirmed and shrouded in mystery.

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