Michael McIntyre’s Big Show viewers are shocked after learning the truth of how the show is made

Richard Bevan
Richard Bevan
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A bombshell revelation about the behind-the-scenes magic of Michael McIntyre’s Big Show has shocked fans of the show. The British variety and stand-up comedy series, hosted by the charismatic Michael McIntyre, has been a Saturday night staple for many, bringing laughter and surprises to households nationwide.

The shocking truth about how the show is put together recently came to light, leaving fans astonished. Contrary to what viewers might assume, the episodes are not filmed as standalone entities. Instead, pre-recorded segments are filmed without a particular episode in mind and are later edited wherever producers see fit. This means they can be swapped at the last minute, leaving viewers unaware of what other surprises are in store.

One Twitter account, Super TV, pulled back the curtain on the filming and editing process. The user stating, “Have just discovered that Michael McIntyre’s #BigShow isn’t ONE same show every weekend, but actually every single show is chopped up and edited together at seemingly random? Why would they do that?! Michael has to wear the exact same clothes every single time he films?”

This revelation came to light after TV Zone (now known as X) noted last Saturday’s episode had last-minute changes to the running order, with a Tweet stating, “Yet more changes to this weekend’s #BigShow episode. This weekend’s Send To All is with Joe Lycett, not Anne-Marie as billed.

The secret of the show was unveiled by Twitter user @SuperTV247 right after the show on Saturday night.

Michael McIntyre Fans Left Surprised By Process Of Big Show

Backing up the claim, a user named Luke, who was a former audience member, shared his experience. Luke said, “Yep…when I went we had to sit through a re-recording of a star of the show from the week before due to it not being filmed correctly!”

While some fans expressed surprise and confusion about the unconventional production method, others speculated on its reasons. One user named Beth suggested there must be some “logical decision” behind the process. She continued, “Ngl I didn’t know this either and surely it would make more hassle when it comes to editing it? Although tbf there’s bound to be some sort of logical reason because I doubt they’d make things more difficult for themselves than necessary.”

Another Twitter user, Brekkie, offered a different perspective, saying, “Everything is over-edited and overproduced nowadays. They just can’t handle the unexpected.”

Despite the surprise caused by this revelation, Michael McIntyre’s Big Show continues to entertain audiences. With its unique blend of celebrity guests and musical performances, the show has become a Saturday night staple.

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