Miriam Margolyes: The popular funny woman admits her health choices could make her wheelchair-bound

Richard Bevan
Richard Bevan
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Popular “Harry Potter” star Miriam Margolyes candidly admitted her fears about facing a future in a wheelchair due to spinal stenosis, a severe health setback she’s recently been diagnosed with. The 82-year-old silver screen veteran voiced regret over past health choices she made during her life, notably those related to her weight.

Miriam Margolyes is hospital
Miriam Margolyes has opened up about her health and regrets

While opening up on the “How To Fail” show, the straightforward actress lamented, “The one thing I have not conquered and should have is my weight.” Indeed, her once light-hearted relationship with cream buns, chocolates, and more has taken a grave turn. Margolyes points to her dietary indulgences as the culprit behind her current health woes. She mused, “It’s such a defeat. No it isn’t more important, it’s just greed, lack of discipline.”

Drawing parallels with royalty, she said, “Look at Camilla, our Queen. She’s splendid and has taken care of herself. In stark contrast, my decisions were led by laziness and greed – and now I’m paying the price.”

Miriam Margolyes believes she could be destined for a wheelchair
Miriam believes she could be destined for a wheelchair

But the woes don’t stop there for the beloved actress. Adding another feather to her cap, Margolyes recently graced the cover of British Vogue, where she posed sans clothing. In the accompanying interview, she dropped another bombshell, revealing she’s bracing for imminent heart surgery. This unsettling news came from a frightening emergency hospital dash last month. Opening up, the brave star confided, “When you’re young, you never think about death. Now, I think about it a lot.”

It’s crystal clear between these harrowing health scares and her ongoing commitment to her craft: Margolyes may be grappling with her health, but her fighting spirit remains undimmed.

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