Noddy Holder WAS given six months to live, NOT has been given six months to live

Richard Bevan
Richard Bevan
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In a world dominated by instant news and the rapid spread of information through social media, it’s essential to distinguish between fact and fiction. One such instance is the recent spate of rumours surrounding Noddy Holder, the iconic voice behind Slade, suggesting that he had been given a mere six months to live. Let’s set the record straight.

Firstly, Noddy Holder is living with throat cancer. He was, in fact, diagnosed with it five years ago. At that time, the prognosis given was heartbreaking; he was informed he had just six months. Fast forward to the present day, not only is Noddy still with us, but he is also thriving and has even returned to the stage.

Noddy Holder's wife Suzan
Noddy Holder’s wife Suzan’s article has been misinterpreted by several media outlets

I can attest to this personally. This past summer, I had the privilege of witnessing him perform live in Walsall and he did in fact discuss his cancer situation. The vigour and charisma he exuded on stage bore no signs of a man who was slowing down or being held back by illness.

The story of Noddy’s diagnosis and his ensuing battle was recently brought to light by his wife, Suzan, in an emotional article she penned for her local newspaper. Within, she reveals how they, as a couple, confronted the terrifying reality of oesophageal cancer. They leaned on each other and a close circle of friends and family for support, proving the resilience of human spirit and the strength that lies in unity.

Their journey took them to The Christie Hospital in Manchester, where Noddy underwent an experimental and gruelling chemotherapy treatment. The outcome? A success. Noddy responded positively to the treatment, defying the odds and the initial prognosis.Suzan’s recount of their journey paints a picture of perseverance and resilience. It’s a story of confronting adversity head-on, relying on a positive mental attitude, and the unwavering support of loved ones.

Noddy Holder now in 2023
Noddy Holder was enjoying the theatre just 2 days ago

Her admiration for her husband is evident: “Noddy has always been great at living in the moment, not hankering for the past or worrying about the future,” Suzan mentions. This ethos has not only been instrumental in his recovery but also a testament to his character. But there’s more to Noddy than just his battle with cancer. As someone who has witnessed him perform recently, it’s clear that the stage remains a significant part of his life. This summer, he joined forces with Tom Seals, a Cheshire-based musician, and together, they delighted audiences with a performance reminiscent of Desert Island Discs.

The world of music is richer with Noddy Holder in it. Despite the challenges and setbacks, his story is one of triumph. To quote a line from one of Slade’s most memorable hits, “Look to the future now” – and it seems Noddy Holder is doing just that.

I hope this article has clarified what needs to be clarified.

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