Noel Gallagher goes on an angry sweary rant on Adele, comparing her to Cilla Black

Gemma Thomas
Gemma Thomas
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Brace yourselves, music lovers! Oasis legend Noel Gallagher, notorious for his unfiltered opinion, recently dropped a bombshell on the Matt Morgan podcast. The rocker couldn’t contain his colourful language when asked about his views on the ‘Rolling in the Deep’ songstress, Adele.

Gallagher, having a history of taking potshots at fellow musicians like Sam Smith and Harry Styles, lived up to his reputation, this time drawing comparisons between Adele and Cilla Black. It seems Noel’s sharp tongue knows no bounds!

The 56-year-old rock star is a music legend himself, with his successful career offering him some authority when critiquing music. But some might argue that his tirades are a touch too savage.

When probed if he enjoys Adele’s tunes, the straightforward Mancunian quipped, “Fk off, fing hell. Name one? They’re fing st. It’s fing awful. It’s f*ing Cilla Black. I find it and that whole thing offensive.”

Noel Gallagher is not a fan of Adele and compared her to Cilla Black

Adele, who currently holds a residency in Las Vegas, has an impressive collection of four No1 albums and 11 UK Top singles, including her chart-topping hits ‘Someone Like You’, ‘Hello’, and ‘Easy On Me’.

Despite his vitriolic views on Adele’s music, Gallagher did propose a way for the ‘Hello’ singer to step up her game. In his brutally frank manner, he suggested that the only improvement would be if Adele sang one of his songs.

He elaborated on his plans on the Matt Morgan podcast, “If I fall out of love with touring, I could see myself just sitting at home writing songs and sending them to my publishers. I might in the future. I’ll be saying, ‘Get Adele to sing that. Don’t call until she’s done the guide vocal’. I want Lewis Capaldi to murder this song, I want him to sit on it from a great height. Make me rich’.”

That is a great plan, but I doubt Adele would be willing after his rant.

It’s clear that while Noel Gallagher’s rock and roll attitude remains undiminished, the music world would be a far less colourful place without his unapologetically candid insights!

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