Only Fools and Horses’ John Challis nephew tragically dies and has watch stolen from his belongings

Richard Bevan
Richard Bevan
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The Challis family, already suffered the loss of John Challis, are confronted with another grave misfortune.

Sadly, John’s nephew, Simon, has passed away, and someone has stolen his wristwatch in a further distressing turn of events.

Carol Challis, widow to the iconic “Boycie” actor, took to Twitter yesterday to share the heart-wrenching news. Alongside a touching snap of John and Simon, she posted: “Simon’s personal belongings were returned to us today from Germany,at last.Sadly his wristwatch was missing. Disappointing that someone should feel the need to help themselves.God bless these two, my much loved husband and his friend,my nephew Si.”

Boycie's John Challis' nephew Simon traglically passed away in Germany last month
Carol shared the news on X (Twitter) and posted this pictured of John Challis with his nephew Simon

She added bitterly, “Gutted that some mug’s gone and pinched it. God bless my darling John and his mate, my nephew Si.”

While Carol’s message had folks tearing up, the online community quickly rallied around her. One sympathiser shot back with, “Absolutely gutted for you. Another loss? It’s just not on.”

Another chirped in: “I can’t believe someone’s had the cheek to nick his watch! You’ve been through the wringer, love, but I hope those snaps and memories bring some sunshine. All the best from Essex.”

John Challis’ wife Carol, shared a picture of her nephew while announcing his passing from several weeks prior

The late John Challis, who played “Boycie” in “Only Fools and Horses,” left us in September 2021 aged 79. His role as the car dealer made him iconic in UK homes, alongside Sir David Jason and Nicholas Lyndhurst.

From 1981 to 2003, Challis had us in stitches as Boycie and even took the character for a spin in the “The Green Green Grass.” The cigar-puffing businessman’s escapades didn’t just charm the UK; he became a big hit in Serbia and bagged honorary citizenship for John!

Famed for his interactions with Del Boy and his on-screen wife, Marlene (the marvellous Sue Holderness), John also starred in the ITV hit, “Benidorm.”

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