Outnumbered’s quirky Karen Brockman flaunts a dazzling transformation in bikini shots

Gemma Thomas
Gemma Thomas
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Ramona Marquez rose to fame as a child star, portraying the iconic Karen Brockman in the BBC show Outnumbered. Now, a decade later, the actress is captivating her audience with social media snapshots, revealing her transformation into a fully-fledged adult. Now 22 years old, Ramona has recently caused a stir with her bikini photos, marking a stark departure from her earlier image on the show.

Renowned for her sharp and unrestrained wit, Ramona became a household name for her portrayal of Karen Brockman in the beloved BBC sitcom. She first stepped into the role at the tender age of six, but today, having matured into an adult, she bears little resemblance to her former child self. Ramona seems to be relishing a holiday in the Mediterranean, where she is seen enjoying the company of her friends. Through her Instagram handle, @princess_mo, she has offered a sneak peek into her getaway for her impressive 100,000 followers.

During her recent escapades, the actress proudly displayed her collection of patchwork tattoos while gracefully posing in a white bikini. The snapshots have set pulses racing and have left fans astounded by her radiant transformation. Her social media presence now reflects new experiences and embraces her individuality.

Ramona Marquez dazzles in her bikini shot

The actress is also seen flaunting long, feminine pink nails with pointed tips, humorously referencing them in her caption as “Just Barbie things.”

Ramona’s followers flooded her comments with messages of support, expressing their astonishment at the transformation. One user couldn’t contain their surprise, asking, “How did she manage that?” Many praised her sense of style and stunning features, with comments like, “You look absolutely gorgeous!” and “Someone’s looking rather tanned! …and, of course, fantastic.”

The comments section was filled with compliments, showering her with adjectives like “stunning,” “beautiful,” and “sensational.”

She still embraces her Outnumbered days

Based on her social media snapshots, it appears that Ramona is currently in a Spanish-speaking country, giving her the opportunity to practice her Spanish skills, a language she pursued during her studies at the University of Manchester, along with Mandarin.

Ramona’s on-screen eldest brother, Jake, portrayed by Tyger Drew-Honey, has been involved in over 200 voiceovers and has successfully landed several film and television roles.

As for the character’s other brother, Ben, portrayed by Daniel Roche, he received a BAFTA nomination for his childhood role in a BBC adaptation and is now pursuing a semi-professional career in sports.

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