Patrick Stewart fat-shamed James Corden, referring to his ‘belly’ in awkward row

Richard Bevan
Richard Bevan
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Star Trek actor Sir Patrick Stewart, who will appear on The Graham Norton Show tonight, clashed publicly with James Corden during an awards ceremony, leading to an uncomfortable exchange of insults.

During an awards ceremony, Sir Patrick Stewart had a cringe-worthy confrontation with Gavin and Stacey’s James Corden. The Star Trek actor shocked attendees when he instigated a ‘fat-shaming’ argument with the TV presenter on stage.

In 2010, James hosted the Glamour Women event, attended by celebrities like Cheryl Cole, Billie Piper, and Lily Allen. The dramatic moment came when theatre legend Patrick ascended the stage to present the Film Actress of the Year award and criticised James’ hosting approach.

James Corden heated argument with Patrick Stewart
James Corden had a heated argument with Patrick Stewart at the 2010 Glamour Awards

James Corden’s altercation with Patrick Stewart

Patrick started by saying, “I want to speak to James here, it is James isn’t it?” He started, drawing laughter from the audience. He then chided the comedian for standing at the back of the stage with his hands pocketed, appearing as if he would rather be somewhere else when award winners approached the stage.

“Oh you couldn’t be more wrong sir, you couldn’t be more wrong,” an offended James retorted, adding, “But when you present an award, just f***ing do it.” The situation worsened when Patrick made a personal jab about James’ physique.

Addressing the comedian, Patrick said, “From where I was sitting, I could see your belly. And that was from over there, at the back of the room.” Arms crossed, James leaned into Patrick and retorted, “Sorry, I’m waiting for the punchline. Go on… You could see my belly… and we can all see you dying [on stage] right now. Let’s go for it.”

James Corden Patrick Stewart sketch.
Patrick and James have made up and even starred in a comedy sketch together

As tensions rose, Patrick shot back, alluding to James’ earlier joke about finding Nick Jonas attractive. “Do you want one more?” he asked the stunned audience. “If you fancy one of the Jonas Brothers, cover your belly.” James then awarded the trophy to Avatar’s Zoe Saldana, who remarked, “I like your belly.”

Feeling encouraged, James commented,  “I feel bad for people who haven’t seen my belly,” and proceeded to lift his T-shirt, flaunting his abdomen to thunderous applause. He then threw one last jibe:  “OK can we get a taxi ready please? The old man’s going home,” Recently, Patrick appeared on James’ Late Late Show, suggesting they’ve reconciled this year.

James welcomed Patrick as a guest on the CBS talk show in April, along with Mila Kunis, before the show’s final episode. A Twitter clip showed Patrick entering the studio, where James greeted him. They shared a hug before the interview. On the show, Patrick discussed his life and drew parallels between his and James’ careers, emphasising how both had surpassed expectations.

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