Paul O’Grady has left an astonishing amount of money to his beloved 5 dogs and several charities

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Richard Bevan
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Paul O’Grady, beloved television presenter and passionate animal advocate, has left an incredible sum of money to Battersea Dogs Home, according to recent reports. After his sad passing last year, it has been revealed that O’Grady gifted a huge £500,000 to the Battersea Cats and Dogs Home in his will.

This big donation is part of a larger sum of £775,000 that O’Grady set aside for causes and organisations close to his heart. Among these generous contributions, he also directed £50,000 towards the Salvation Army, a charity he deeply admired and supported throughout his life.

Reacting to this remarkable donation, Peter Laurie, Battersea’s Chief Executive, expressed overwhelming gratitude and deep appreciation for Paul O’Grady’s thoughtful generosity. Laurie emphasised O’Grady’s unwavering commitment to animal welfare, highlighting the impact of his legacy on the thousands of animals that benefit from Battersea’s care each year.

Paul O’Grady has always been a big advocate of animal rights & welfare.

A representative of the home told the Sun, “Battersea is truly overwhelmed and deeply grateful to be remembered by our late friend and Ambassador, Paul, in his Will,” Laurie stated. “This further shows what we knew to be true of Paul during his life, his unwavering commitment and devotion to helping the thousands of animals that arrive at our centres every year.”

Paul O’Grady’s generous gift surprises no-one

Laurie added that O’Grady’s legacy would continue to inspire the organisation’s efforts in providing unconditional care and support to animals in need.

Paul O’Grady’s love for animals, particularly dogs, was well-known throughout his career. As the presenter of ITV’s award-winning documentary series “For The Love Of Dogs,” he captivated audiences with his dedication to showcasing the lives of rescue animals at Battersea Dogs and Cats Home. A close friend of O’Grady described his philanthropic gesture as proof of his compassionate nature.

O’Grady, before his passing at the age of 67 in March last year, allocated £125,000 for the care of his beloved dogs: Nancy, Arfur, Conchita, Eddie, and Sausage. The popular TV host meticulously outlined specific instructions for their well-being in his will.

In addition to his commitment to his pets, O’Grady demonstrated his compassionate nature by bequeathing generous donations of £50,000 each to charities dedicated to the welfare of elephants and orangutans. A close friend of O’Grady described his philanthropic gesture as proof of his compassionate nature.

“This is typical of Paul as he put his money where his mouth was by leaving cash to charities that had special meaning to him,” the friend said. “And though £125,000 seems like a lot of money to spend on his dogs, they also meant the world to him and he wanted to ensure they always receive the best love and care.”

The late TV presenter was an ambassador for numerous charities.

Other charitable donations close to the late presenters heart

In addition to his contributions to animal welfare, Paul O’Grady supported various philanthropic causes throughout his life. O’Grady’s legacy extends far beyond his television career, including his advocacy for banning fur in Britain to his involvement with organisations like Save the Children.

His dedication to making the world a better place for animals and his generous donation to Battersea Dogs Home ensures that his legacy of compassion will continue to touch the lives of countless animals for years to come.

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