Peter Kay calls Jimmy Savile a “Dirty old perv” after witnessing his creepy behaviour

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Richard Bevan
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British funnyman Peter Kay has peeled back the curtain on his unnerving encounter with the disgraced entertainer, Jimmy Savile. Kay’s latest book, Big Adventures on the Small Screen, takes readers on a rollercoaster ride through his illustrious career. However, it’s the chilling tale about his interactions with Savile that has recently come to light.

Kay delves into a bizarre episode during the filming of the final episode of Peter Kay’s World Of Entertainment, where he decides to ‘push the boat out’ and invite Savile as a guest. The late TV presenter agreed, but not without some unusual demands. Savile demanded £500 in cash and a box of cigars worth a whopping £1,000.

Kay Opens Up On “Pervert” Savile

Describing Savile’s appearance, Kay paints a vivid picture of eccentricity, noting that the notorious personality “talked utter nonsense, spouting weird quotes, crap jokes, limericks,” and even made peculiar noises. However, it takes a dark turn when Kay recalls a moment between Savile and the show’s executive producer, Bridget Boseley.

Jimmy Savile’s perverted behaviour was covered up.

Kay details, “I remember she offered him her hand, which Jimmy took, then he flipped it round to kiss the back of it, but before his lips touched her skin I saw a quick flick of his tongue licking the back of her hand. Urgh! What was all that about? Bridget and I chatted about it later. She said, ‘He licked the back of my hand.’ ‘I know, I saw him, the dirty old perv.'”

The discomfort doesn’t end there. After Savile’s crimes were exposed in an ITV documentary, Kay revealed another disturbing encounter with him at BBC’s Media City. Kay and others are handed bright-yellow Children in Need Pudsey Bear stickers and tasked with a peculiar mission – to cover up images of Savile on the corridor’s mural.

Peter Kay’s Regrets Over Charity Single

Recalling the surreal experience, Kay remarks, “It was like some depraved Where’s Wally? Or Where’s Jimmy?” . This seems odd behaviour considering the widespread accusations of the BBC reportedly covering up Savile’s actions for years.

Peter Kay and Jimmy Savile in Tony Christie's (Is This The Way To) Amarillo
Savile appears in Peter Kay’s charity single video.

The legacy of Peter Kay’s parody video of Tony Christie’s 2005 Comic Relief single is also tainted by Savile’s involvement. Kay expresses disappointment with the once-popular song. It is now on YouTube with a paedophile warning and has been forever marred by the association with the “dirty s***house” Savile.

Peter Kay shares these shocking encounters, shedding light on a darker side of the entertainment industry. As the release date for The Reckoning, a new drama series tracing the life of Savile approaches, Kay’s revelations offer a glimpse into a chapter of his comedic history tainted by the actions of a now-reviled figure.

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