Peter Kay’s new book is out and this supermarket are hilariously giving away free garlic bread with each purchase

Richard Bevan
Richard Bevan
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Morrisons has truly pulled out all the stops to celebrate the launch of Bolton funnyman Peter Kay’s latest literary venture. Each lucky customer who snags a copy of this hot-off-the-press release will be treated to none other than a free serving of the comedian’s favourite treat – garlic bread!

This is fantastic news for fans, especially after his recent announcement of Phoenix Nights likely return. Making its grand debut today, “Kay’s T.V. Big Adventures on the Small Screen” takes readers on a whirlwind tour of Kay’s illustrious television career, shedding light on the creation of iconic comedy gems like Phoenix Nights and Carshare. Priced at a mere £12, this gem is flying off the shelves of Morrisons outlets across the land. And as a cherry on top, from now until the 1st of October, fans will receive complimentary garlic bread with their purchase.

Moreover, if you thought garlic bread was the pinnacle of your Morrisons visit, think again! As you wander down the aisles, be it the tempting Hobnobs that catch your eye or the irresistible loaves of garlic bread, you’re in for a right royal treat. Our Bolton-born comedy king will be serenading your ears as he lends his distinct voice to the tannoy announcements in Morrisons stores from the North to the South, ensuring no shopper misses out on the buzz of his newest release.

Lee Newman, who works in Media and Paper Shop Buying at Morrisons, couldn’t help but sing Peter Kay’s praises. “Peter Kay is a national treasure with jokes that make people laugh from Bolton all the way to Amarillo.

“Hundreds of people will be rushing to grab a copy of his new book, and we know the main man himself would approve of the gift we are offering to customers alongside it. It’s the future!”

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