Phillip Schofield’s controversial affair to be made into a TV drama series

Richard Bevan
Richard Bevan
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The former TV presenter’s scandal is to be laid bare in new drama

Chronologically weaving the tale, the show will spotlight the unfolding of the affair that ultimately led to Phillip Schofield’s abrupt departure from ITV. Having graced our screens for over two decades, the 61-year-old presenter bid adieu in May after a 21-year stint.

To the shock of fans nationwide, The Sun revealed a new TV series will explore Phillip Schofield’s relationship with a “This Morning” runner. Industry insiders have shared the news that work is already underway, with the working title of “The Runner”.

Phillip Schofield's affair to be made into TV drama series
A TV series will dramatizs Phillip Schofield’s affair with a young runner on This Morning

However, not all that glitters is gold. Sources have whispered that the drama will delve deep into Schofield’s deceptions. Allegedly, he deceived co-presenter Holly Willoughby, ITV heads, and the management giant YMU about his extra-marital affairs.

Rumour has it that a top production company is steering the series, seeing it as a fit for Channel 4.

A source revealed, “A production company’s started work and they think the series would be a perfect fit for Channel 4. The storyline will reflect what went on. While people have seen it from the outside, the drama will offer a glimpse into what might have transpired behind closed doors.

Phillip Schofield with Holly Willoughby on This Morning
Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby on This Morning

“It could make for uncomfortable viewing for Phil and ITV,” they said, adding that this might ruffle a few feathers at ITV and be a bitter pill for Schofield himself.

Following the revelations, YMU parted ways with the star, leaving no stone unturned. Subsequently, in response, ITV promptly ordered an external inquiry, and they will unveil the findings later this month.

After coming clean, Schofield spoke to The Sun, firmly denying any inappropriate conduct with the runner. Owning up to the uproar, he candidly stated, “When you’ve caused this damage, you can expect nothing. It’s my fault.”

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