Piers Morgan rushes to Kate Garraway’s defence against heartless trolls accusing her of ‘Exploiting’ late husband Derek Draper

Richard Bevan
Richard Bevan
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In the aftermath of the emotional documentary chronicling the final year of Derek Draper’s life, Kate Garraway has found herself in the crosshairs of cruel trolls, accusing her of ‘exploiting’ her late husband’s story. However, amidst the barrage of negativity, staunch support from her TV pals, notably Piers Morgan, has emerged, defending her against the unfounded criticisms.

Tuesday saw the airing of “Kate Garraway: Derek’s Story” on ITV, offering a poignant portrayal of the challenges faced by Derek and his family in the wake of his battle with Covid-19. Despite critical acclaim, some viewers took aim at Kate, suggesting she was exploiting Derek’s story for personal gain. Yet, her former colleague and friend, Piers Morgan, quickly defended her.

Piers defends his friend Kate Garraway in the face of heartless X users

In a tweet, Piers lauded the documentary, emphasising its importance in shedding light on the flaws within the care system: “The final @kategarraway film about her beloved Derek was heart-breaking, inspiring, and utterly maddening. Our care system is so broken, yet staffed by so many wonderful people. Let Derek’s legacy be a wholesale reformation of the way we treat our sick/elderly. RIP Derek.”

However, Piers’ commendation was met with criticism from some quarters, with one viewer arguing that many families endure similar struggles without the platform to speak out. Piers passionately stated the documentary’s purpose: “The whole point of the film was to shine a light on the care system, and help so many others suffering from its failures. Kate Garraway used her profile to magnificently powerful effect and deserves our gratitude not sniping. She’s a brilliant woman who’s been through 4yrs of utter hell.”

Support for Kate extended beyond Piers, with her Good Morning Britain co-star, Susanna Reid, and others offering messages of love and encouragement. Despite the outpouring of solidarity, the criticism underscores the challenges faced by those in the public eye, particularly when sharing deeply personal stories.

In “Derek’s Story,” Kate Garraway bravely delved into the financial strain from Derek’s care, shedding light on the stark reality faced by many families navigating similar circumstances. With debts ranging from £500,000 to £800,000, Kate revealed the profound impact on her financial stability, despite her successful career in television.

Shining a light on the care system

The documentary not only highlighted the personal toll of Derek’s illness but also sparked conversations about the inadequacies within the healthcare system. Kate Garraway’s revelations serve as a rallying cry for change, amplifying the voices of countless others grappling with similar challenges.

Kate Garraway married Derek in 2005 and they have two children.

As Kate Garraway navigates life without Derek, her resilience and determination to advocate for change remain unwavering. Despite the trolls’ attempts to discredit her, the overwhelming support from colleagues and viewers alike is a testament to Kate’s strength and the enduring legacy of Derek’s story.

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