Private Presenter Andi Peters opens up about his relationships and shares his real age

Gemma Thomas
Gemma Thomas
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Andi Peters is a familiar face on our TV screens, regularly appearing on shows like This Morning and Lorraine. Despite his lengthy time in the spotlight, Andi has kept his personal life private, leaving fans with little knowledge about him off-camera. Is he in a relationship? And how old is the eternally young-looking presenter?

The bubbly and enthusiastic star first graced our screens more than 30 years ago, starting his career as a children’s TV presenter on The Broom Cupboard and later ventured into programs like Live And Kicking, Top Of The Pops and Good Morning Britain.

Andi Peters first presenting role on the Broom Cupboard

On the show Good Morning Britain in 2022, which he currently presents, Peters revealed his real age as 52 and playfully said, “Black don’t crack.” On Saturday, July 27, the youthful presenter turned 53.

Showing off his muscles on Good Morning Britain

Despite remaining tight-lipped about his private life, Andi confirmed his single status while discussing ‘lads’ holidays during an appearance on Loose Women in October 2022. He humorously mentioned the benefits of being single, expressing how he enjoys going on trips alone, drawing the audience’s laughter and pity.

Peter’s asked the audience not to feel sorry for him as he explained that it was “through choice,” adding: “I’m really stingy.” “I only have to buy a drink for myself and nobody else,” he said. “I quite enjoy just going by myself, just being completely in control; I don’t have to ask anyone’s permission,” he concluded.

Andi discusses the benefits of being single on the show Loose Women

It appears that the star has been single for some time. In 2016, he shared a photo of a sign that read, “I’m single because I was a superhero,” which fueled assumptions about his relationship status.
There has been much speculation and curiosity around Andi Peter’s sexuality, leaving many wondering if he is gay. However, there has been no public disclosure or statement made by Andi regarding his sexual orientation, and as far as we know, he is neither gay nor bisexual.
Although Andi has chosen to keep his personal life private, he continues to captivate viewers with his on-screen charisma and engaging presence.

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