Richard Madeley criticised for talking over Ricky Hatton’s mental health confession

Richard Bevan
Richard Bevan
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Much to the annoyance of GMB viewers, someone didn’t allow Ricky Hatton to finish talking

Good Morning Britain’s very own Richard Madeley faces backlash for interrupting Ricky Hatton’s heartfelt mental health confession.

Good Morning Britain‘s main man, Richard Madeley, landed himself in hot water with the British public. Critics criticise the TV host for seemingly cutting off Ricky Hatton during a talk about his suicidal struggles.

As 44-year-old Ricky, Manchester’s pride, discussed his darkest moments, 67-year-old Richard faced backlash from angered fans. The boxer had previously opened up about his mental health struggles, pulling no punches about the gravity of his situation.

Ricky Hatton opens up about his mental health issues
Ricky Hatton was attempting to speak out about his mental health issues before being rudely interrupted by Madely

Revealing to GMB’s dynamic duo, Kate Garraway and Richard Madeley, Ricky described his turning point. “I opened the door and just fell on my knees,” he shared, adding, “I said, ‘You need to help me or I am going to kill myself. I won’t be here next week, I can’t do it.'” But before Ricky could finish his moving revelation, Richard chimed in, stating, “Thank God you did.”

With viewers glued to their screens, Ricky attempted to continue, only for Richard to interject yet again. Richard, former This Morning host, interjected, saying, “Just quickly, we’re out of time,” before asking the boxer another question.

Disgruntled viewers didn’t hold back their feelings on the popular social media platform, Twitter. One disgruntled viewer exclaimed, “Yeah cut the guy off who’s talking about suicide,” while another quite bluntly wrote, “Let Ricky talk FFS!!!!”. The sentiment was echoed across the board with fans chiding Madeley’s approach; another pointed out: “Stupid long questions to Hatton.”

Ricky Hatton's new documentary out soon
Hatton’s documentary is coming out soon

However, it wasn’t all fire and fury. Some fans sent their love and support to Hatton, with one heartfelt message reading, “I love you man. #workingclasshero is something to be.”

Ricky Hatton boxing
Ricky Hatton suffered mentally after his boxing career and now he is telling his story

Ricky, in true British fighting spirit, continued to share his story. The boxer discussed a forthcoming TV documentary on his battles with depression and said “If one person can take something from the documentary, it will be well worth it.”

The documentary is more than just a tale of gloom. It charts the boxing hero’s meteoric rise, from his early days in Manchester to clinching the world champion title. Promised to be “raw and compelling”, this Sky film will air in September. After a ten-year hiatus, Ricky returned to the ring last November for an exhibition bout against Marco Antonio Barrera.

Please follow Ricky’s X profile and show him some support.

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