Rosie Jones hits back at cruel internet trolls with a superb comeback

Richard Bevan
Richard Bevan
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British comedian Rosie Jones has once again found herself in the crosshairs of online trolls, facing a barrage of ableist comments following her appearance on Channel 4’s The Big Fat Quiz Of The Year. The 33-year-old, who has cerebral palsy, was part of the star-studded panel. She appeared alongside Katherine Ryan, Mo Gilligan, Richard Ayoade, and Mel Giedroyc during the annual Boxing Day show.

The trolls attacked Jones for allegedly being present on the show for ‘box ticking’ purposes, while some claimed they ‘could not understand her’. These derogatory comments come in the wake of similar criticism she faced after her Royal Variety Performance.

Taking to Twitter to address the onslaught, Jones hit back at the ableism with a bold statement, declaring, “Rinse and repeat. It is a different telly show, the same old ableism. Thanks for the support, but I’m gonna lie low for a bit and sink into the perineum of Christmas and New Year“. This was accompanied by a tweet from December 18 responding to criticism from her Royal Variety Performance, where she received support from Dawn French, Joe Lycett, and friend Nish Kumar.

Rosie hit back at trolls on the game show “Big Fat Celebrity Quiz Of The Year”.

Fans Of Rosie Jones Hit Back In Defence Of Comedian

The Twitterverse echoed with a mixture of support and criticism, showcasing the divisive nature of online platforms. Detractors commented, ‘I don’t find Rosie Jones funny…I didn’t watch TBFQ because of Rosie Jones and Katherine Ryan. They are not funny…’ and ‘The only time she is funny is when she dribbles down herself. She ruins every show she is wheeled out on. Just a tick box [exercise].’

However, her defenders were quick to rally behind her, with one stating, ‘You were fab on both shows!!…I thought you were brilliant. Keep going… Sorry to hear this Rosie – keep your spirits up...’. Another added, ‘You’re wonderful…people who tap away on here, not taking your feelings into account, are definitely not ‘fun’ or ‘funny’.’

This is not the first time Rosie Jones has faced such trolling. After her stand-up comedy gig at the Royal Variety Performance, she encountered a similar wave of criticism, which she rejected. In response to the trolls, she wrote, ‘Comedy is subjective, and it’s ok if I’m not your cup of tea. But please remember the difference between personal preference and downright ableism.’

Jones also took to Instagram to share a video where she defiantly addressed the trolls. Jones stated, ‘So I was on the Royal Variety last night. I just want to make something clear, if you want to write to me to tell me that I’m not funny, don’t, because I don’t care…I’m going to carry on being on your screen with my big disabled voice.’

The comedian’s performance at the Royal Variety Show resulted in cruel comments on Twitter.

Peers Quick To Show Support

Amidst the social media storm, Jones received overwhelming support from fans, friends, and fellow comedians. Nish Kumar proclaimed, ‘Rosie Jones is the best,’ while Dawn French expressed, ‘You are totally my cup of tea.’ Even Joe Lycett joined the fray, posting a picture of him with Jones at Stand Up To Cancer, showcasing solidarity against online bullying.

Despite the challenges, Rosie Jones remains resilient and continues to contribute to the world of comedy. Currently working on her six-episode sitcom for Channel 4, titled ‘Disability Benefits,’ Jones is determined to make her mark and break down barriers. Her journey, marked by humour and strength, highlights the need for a more inclusive and understanding society.

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