Rosie Jones’ online abuse shocks Katherine Ryan after she witnesses it first hand

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Richard Bevan
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Katherine Ryan recently found herself in disbelief when confronted with the online abuse faced by her close friend and fellow comedian Rosie Jones. The shocking revelations unfolded during the promotion of their new Comedy Central show, Out of Order.

In a candid interview with The Guardian, Ryan expressed her astonishment at the extent of the abuse Rosie endures. “I didn’t realise what that abuse was like until I was tagged on loads of things with you [on social media],” admitted Ryan, highlighting the virulent nature of the online vitriol.

Judi Love, another co-host on Out of Order, echoed Ryan’s sentiments, acknowledging her naivety regarding the severity of Jones’ online harassment. “I get a lot of abuse, and I ignore it, but I just thought: ‘flippin’ ’eck.’”

Rosie Jones, a 33-year-old comedian with cerebral palsy, has been the target of relentless attacks from trolls targeting her disability. Despite the adversity, Jones remains resilient, crediting her strong support system. “Do I need a thick skin? Yes, I bloody do. But I’m able to switch it off; I don’t look at social media when I’m on TV, and I focus on the positives,” shared Jones.

Rosie Jones reveals ways of dealing with abuse

Jones revealed her coping mechanisms in the face of such abuse, emphasising the importance of focusing on positive feedback. She recounted heartening encounters with people expressing gratitude for her representation of disability on television. “Thank you for making us feel seen and worthy and valid” is the response that helps her rise above the negativity.

Rosie Jones and her friend Katherine Ryan on The Big Fat Quiz Of The Year. She would later receive abuse after the programme aired.

This resilience was demonstrated when Jones responded to cruel remarks about her performance on Big Fat Quiz of the Year. Reposting a statement addressing ableism, she defended her right to perform and highlighted the distinction between personal preference and discrimination.

Despite the challenges, Jones, alongside Ryan and Love, is now fronting the Comedy Central show Out of Order. The show, which showcases a diverse range of individuals known as “Rosie’s Regulars,” aims to challenge stereotypes with humour.

Reflecting on the show, Jones emphasized the importance of empathy and breaking down stereotypes. “We got the range of the UK bottled up, people from different backgrounds, different places, just coming and having fun,” she shared. The show has been a platform for celebrities and regular participants to share their unique perspectives.

New show looking to challenge stereotypes

Ryan, Love, and Jones are keenly aware of the significance of representation in the comedy world. Ryan remarked on the industry’s slow realization of the lack of diversity, stating, “This isn’t what the UK looks like.” Love shared her initial gratitude for any TV opportunity but stressed the importance of seeing women who represent her.

Jones actively advocates for inclusivity and ensures diversity throughout Out of Order, both on and off-screen. She initiated a trainee scheme to provide opportunities for underrepresented individuals to enter the television industry, emphasising the importance of giving a voice to various perspectives.

Rosie is about to star in a new show called “Out Of Order”.

In the face of adversity, Rosie Jones remains committed to paving the way for greater inclusivity in the entertainment industry. “If one person can watch me and go: ‘If Rosie can do it if she can be whoever she wants to be, I can.’ That makes all the abuse worth it,” she asserted. With Out of Order, Jones, alongside Ryan and Love, challenges stereotypes and showcases the power of resilience and humour in the face of online abuse.

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