Russell Brand’s father’s bizarre rant attacking his son’s accusers

Richard Bevan
Richard Bevan
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Ron Brand, father of renowned comedian Russell Brand, has taken to Facebook to share a conspiracy-laden video. In the video, he attacks those who have accused his son of rape and sexual assault. The video, posted just weeks after the allegations surfaced, features YouTuber Lennie Moreno, who claims there’s a pattern of accusations against individuals who speak out against the system.

The post suggests a sinister force dubbed “the matrix” is orchestrating these accusations. The video draws parallels between Russell Brand and figures like Donald Trump, Andrew Tate, Julian Assange, and Tupac. Moreno goes on to insinuate that accusations arise when influential figures challenge the establishment, suggesting a coordinated effort by a mysterious puppet master.

In a jaw-dropping quote, Moreno asserts, “Julian Assange called out the matrix, rape charge. Tupac called out the matrix, rape charge.”

Brand’s situation compared to that of Tupac and Trump

“As soon as you get too big and start speaking some sense to your following, some blackmail women or pissed-off ex-date is going to come out of the woodwork by orders of the matrix and synchronise all the media outlets to break the news at the same exact time.”

Russell Brand and his dad
Brand’s Dad has leapt to his son’s defence.

“When you’re on top and you get money and swag and options you never need to rape anybody.”

Furthermore, Moreno controversially claims that individuals with “power and swag and options” have no need to resort to sexual assault. Ron Brand shared this video amidst a storm of allegations against his son, which emerged from investigations by The Sunday Times and Channel 4’s Dispatches.

Multiple women accused Russell Brand of abusive and predatory behaviour over seven years, including rape, sexual assault, and emotional abuse. The comedian strongly denies these allegations, but both the BBC and Channel 4 have launched investigations. Additionally, the Metropolitan Police and Thames Valley Police are actively investigating the complaints.

This comes on the heels of another conspiracy-laden video shared by Ron Brand from James Atkinson, host of the podcast World Wide Awake. Atkinson suggests a ‘pattern’ of charges against individuals who challenge the establishment, echoing Moreno’s sentiments.

More charges being sought

Despite the ongoing investigations and the serious nature of the allegations, Russell Brand continues to deny any wrongdoing. A second police force, Thames Valley Police, is now probing claims related to harassment and stalking.

Brand, having been demonetised on YouTube and facing backlash from publishers and agents, recently turned to Rumble to connect with his audience. In a live stream on the platform, he urged fans to subscribe and support his voice.

Brand’s YouTube channel has been demonetised in light of the allegations.

The comedian asserts that these allegations are part of a broader conspiracy orchestrated by the ‘mainstream media’. As investigations continue, the truth behind these disturbing allegations remains uncertain, leaving Russell Brand in a precarious position.

Russell Brand’s father’s decision to share conspiracy-laden videos only adds fuel to the fire.

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