Sarah Millican’s photo of her “2 wet t**s” shows why so many people resonate with her

Richard Bevan
Richard Bevan
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In a Facebook post back in 2020, Sarah Millican showcased her uncanny ability to connect with her audience on a deeply relatable level. The post featured a candid revelation about the aftermath of being caught in the rain. Millican hilariously stated, “Does anyone else get this after being out in the rain? The rest of me is dry apart from 2 wet tits.”

The accompanying photo, described for those who might need it, captures Millican from a smiling mouth down to just below her tits, wearing a bright pink patterned long-sleeve top. Two wet patches, one over each tit, betray the rain-soaked material. Millican cheekily added, “Try not to get too turned on now.”

This post struck a chord with Millican’s followers, who flooded the comments section with their own tales of wet mishaps. Tracey Hussell shared a wine-induced drama, revealing, “I had a few too many one night and tripped. In the morning, I saw my bra covered in wine. It fell in my cleavage and ended up under my boobs. It was a good night lol.”

Sarah Millican shows her wet "tits"
The Facebook post shared a picture of herself with a wet top, in which many amused fans responded with their experiences.

Natalie Holland chimed in with her own take on Millican’s post, saying, “I do, although mine are nearer me knees, pet.” Meanwhile, Yvonne Somers confessed, “Yes, and it’s amazing what I can find between my boobs sometimes! I have achieved a hole in one on many occasions with a random pea or bean. 🙄

Milican’s fans come out with hilarious stories of their own

Sue Leonard humorously attributed her wet boobs to their sheer length, stating, “If yours are like mine, it’s because they are dragging along the floor and puddles. Or tied up around my ears to keep them (ears) warm, so rain hits them.” Debbie Ikin joined in, adding, “lol I get a ‘wet shelf’ – boobs and shoulders soaked but tummy dry as safe under their tit porch 😁.”

This flood of witty and relatable comments shows the bond between Millican and her followers, proving that her comedy resonates on a personal level. Millican’s ability to turn everyday experiences into humorous anecdotes has been a cornerstone of her career, making her a beloved figure in the comedy world.

Fast forward to the present day, and Sarah Millican is currently riding the wave of success on a sell-out nationwide tour. Her relatable humour and unfiltered authenticity continue to draw big audiences.

Millican’s journey in the comedy scene has been remarkable. She has become a household name, from winning the .comedy award for Best Newcomer in 2008 to headlining major comedy shows and hosting her own television programs. Her unique blend of observational humour and candid storytelling has earned her a dedicated fan base.

Millican is currently on a UK-wide sell-out tour that runs until October.

In addition to her comedy accolades, Millican has ventured into radio with “Sarah Millican’s Support Group” and founded Standard Issue, an online magazine for women. Her autobiography, “How to be Champion,” further delves into her life, including her challenges after her unexpected divorce in 2004.

Comedian’s career goes from strength to strength

With over 65 million views on her YouTube channel and a successful 2021 tour titled “Bobby Dazzler,” Millican remains a force to be reckoned with in the comedy world. As she embarks on her current tour, “Late Bloomer,” scheduled for over 100 shows from September 2023 to October 2024, it’s evident that Millican’s star continues to rise.

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