Sir David Jason reveals his “Frustration” with “Interfering” fans in public

Richard Bevan
Richard Bevan
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Veteran actor Sir David Jason has expressed frustration over the overwhelming attention he receives from fans of the iconic British sitcom, Only Fools And Horses. The well-recognised actor, now 84, played the role of Del Boy on the hit BBC sitcom from 1981 to 2003. Fans have been begging David to reprise the role for years, but when asked if there was a possibility of a reunion, he quipped: “It wouldn’t work.”

Furthermore, Sir David Jason has revealed his dismay at the incessant demands for photographs and interactions from zealous admirers. He said: “Del Boy is a character that I can’t avoid. He’s become so ingrained in the public’s mind that where I go, I tend to be recognised and then what happens is that people can’t help but interfere with your private life,” Sir David lamented in an interview.

However, acknowledging the mixed blessing of the show’s enduring popularity, he told the Daily Star, “It’s part of the job. It’s part of giving your time and your life to the Great British public, God bless them.”

The phenomenon of Only Fools And Horses resonates deeply with audiences, evidenced by numerous conventions and fan gatherings where enthusiasts celebrate the timeless comedy alongside the cast.

Despite the overwhelming fan attention, Sir David Jason remains appreciative of the show’s enduring legacy, reflecting, “Del Boy is a character that I can’t avoid.”

Sir David Jason admits, “It can’t be avoided”.

Transitioning from his frustrations to the potential for a series revival, Sir David conveyed his doubts about the feasibility of revisiting the beloved sitcom without its creative visionary, John Sullivan, who passed away in 2011. He remarked, “Without him, I don’t see it working, sadly.”

Sir David regularly attends OFAH conventions but admits reunion questions can become tiresome.

Sir David had previously revealed to the Radio Times: “I’ve had offers over the years, but without John Sullivan, it just wouldn’t work. He was a magician and could whip up humour out of virtually nothing – that was his genius. Without him, I don’t see it working, sadly.

However, amidst speculations of a reboot, Sir David Jason surprised fans by reprising his iconic role for a comical second-hand car advert. the hilarious advert was part of the show Car SOS.

The actor’s recent collaboration with The Repair Shop’s Jay Blades on the BBC series David and Jay’s Touring Toolshed provided a platform for him to share his concerns about fan interference during filming.

Recounting the measures taken to shield him from overzealous admirers, Sir David Jason revealed, “We’re in a little area of our own so that the public can see us and see what we’re up to but can’t actually get in and pull at your shirt tails and say, ‘Give us a selfie.’”

Despite the challenges posed by his enduring association with Del Boy, Sir David remains deeply grateful for the love and support of his fans, acknowledging the huge impact of Only Fools And Horses on his career.

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