Stephen Fry: His favourite football team and the England cricketer he is related to

Richard Bevan
Richard Bevan
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From his witty commentary and masterful performances on screen to his insightful writings and charismatic public appearances, Stephen Fry is a name that is universally recognised and respected. However, what may surprise many is that Fry’s passion extends far beyond the world of arts and literature. He is an avid sports fan, with particular interest in cricket and football.

When it comes to cricket, Fry’s devotion is evident and profound. He served as the President of the Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC), an honour he didn’t take lightly. The MCC, owners of the revered Lord’s cricket ground, hold a significant responsibility in preserving the laws of the game. Fry, nominated by previous president Clare Connor at the club’s AGM, was humbled by the opportunity to be a part of this esteemed institution. This involvement aligns perfectly with his love for the sport, a sentiment he fondly shared in his statement: “It is a club that is known throughout the world for what it represents in the game and to be gifted the opportunity to perform this role is truly humbling.”

Interestingly, Fry claims a family connection to cricketing royalty, purporting to be related to Charles Burgess Fry, an illustrious England cricketer. Born on April 25, 1872, C.B. Fry was a celebrated professional cricketer and footballer, teacher, writer, editor, and publisher. He is best remembered for his impressive career as a cricketer and as a man of multifaceted brilliance. It is easy to draw parallels between Stephen Fry’s intellectual prowess and C.B. Fry’s multifarious talents, suggesting that perhaps genius does run in the family.

However, Fry’s interest in sports is not limited to cricket. He also has an unyielding devotion for football, specifically for Norwich FC. In fact, his loyalty to the club was so strong that he served as a board member for six years until 2016. Although he no longer holds an official role within the club, Fry still attends games frequently, demonstrating his enduring support.

For those unfamiliar with Stephen Fry’s work, his career is as diverse as it is illustrious. He is an actor, comedian, writer, and presenter known for his work in film, television, and theatre. He has also authored several best-selling books, ranging from novels to memoirs. However, as evidenced by his love for sports, there is far more to Stephen Fry than his public persona would suggest.

Stephen Fry was on the Norwich City board from 2010 -2016

Stephen Fry is a man of many talents and interests. His passion for cricket and football illustrates his diverse range of interests and his ability to immerse himself fully in his pursuits. Whether it’s through his artistry on screen and stage, his enchanting words on paper, or his energetic presence on the pitch, Fry continues to captivate and inspire. A man of profound intellect and charisma, Stephen Fry truly is a multifaceted gem in the world of entertainment.

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