Stephen Fry’s new version of Jeopardy! Gets slammed by ITV viewers

Richard Bevan
Richard Bevan
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TV’s recent revival of the iconic American quiz show Jeopardy! hosted by Stephen Fry has hit a rocky start with UK viewers, drawing criticism from audiences and sparking a flurry of opinions on social media.

Hosted by the esteemed Stephen Fry, the show premiered on New Year’s Day, airing weekdays in the 4 pm time slot. While Fry, known for his wit and intellect, has been associated with various successful shows, including the iconic “QI” and the audiobook narration of the Harry Potter series, ITV’s latest rendition of Jeopardy! has struggled to captivate the British audience.

Twitter Erupts with Criticism for Stephen Fry’s New Show

Taking to Twitter, viewers were quick to express their disappointment. One user lamented, “Let me be clear. Stephen Fry is a National Treasure. Let me also be clear. ITV’s Jeopardy is one of the most excruciating TV programmes I have ever seen in my life. #jeopardy #stephenfry.” Another chimed in, “This #jeopardy is a proper ITV 3 pm daytime slot. Awful.”

Stephen Fry’s version of Jeopardy has come in for widespread criticism.

The sentiment continued with a third viewer declaring, “Right b***ks, am out. Bldy awful. #jeopardy.” And a fourth, expressing regret, said, “I have just watched #Jeopardy on ITV and have made a New Year’s resolution to never ever watch it again. What a terrible way to start the year. What on earth made Stephen Fry take that on?”

Critics were not sparing in their assessment, with one viewer questioning Fry’s decision, stating, “OMG, what is this c**p. It’s soooo boring, talk about slow. I can’t believe Stephen Fry agreed to this; what was he thinking? #Jeopardy.”

Contrasting Opinions Surface

Despite the barrage of criticism, a few voices rose in defence of the show. A lone fan declared, “I think I am the person who liked the UK version #jeopardy.” Another enthusiast expressed anticipation, stating, “Can’t wait to watch #Jeopardy again tomorrow night on @ITV love the game show.”

Even former Pointless presenter Richard Osman showed support, praising the contestants with, “I love how smart the contestants are on #Jeopardy.”

While the initial reviews may not have been favourable, ITV’s Jeopardy! Managed to draw in approximately 2.2 million viewers for its New Year’s Day premiere. This marked the highest game show launch for the channel since Lingo in 2021.

In response to the mixed feedback, Stephen Fry remained diplomatic. He had previously expressed enthusiasm for challenging quizzes, stating, “We enjoy shows that don’t shy away from fairly tough questions and areas of knowledge. We love to watch people who are good at something.”

The original American version of Jeopardy! was hosted by the legendary Alex Trebek.

Acknowledging both the criticism and the support, Fry reassured fans that the UK version remained faithful to the original format. As the show unfolds, it remains to be seen whether the criticisms will subside or intensify, making Jeopardy! a hot topic in the ever-evolving landscape of British television.

While initial reactions may have been unfavourable, the success in viewership suggests that Jeopardy! might find its footing in the UK, with Stephen Fry steering the ship through the uncharted waters of British quiz show adaptations. Only time will tell if this iteration of Jeopardy! Becomes a hit or a miss on the UK television scene.

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