Sue Holderness’ Visit To John Challis’ Grave Is a Wonderful Reminder of Their Beautiful Friendship

Richard Bevan
Richard Bevan
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On the 10th of July, actress Sue Holderness paid a heartfelt visit to the grave of her dear friend and colleague, John Challis, fondly tweeting, “I think about him every day.”

John Challis and Sue Holderness shared a close friendship, and a successful professional relationship spanned several decades. They were best known for their roles as Boycie and Marlene in the much-loved British sitcom, “Only Fools and Horses”. Audiences much appreciated their on-screen chemistry and comedic timing; off-screen, their bond was equally strong.

The pair were often spotted together in public, their real-life friendship mirroring their on-screen rapport. Whether attending conventions or spending time together away from the limelight, their bond was clear for all to see. They also shared a close relationship with each other’s families. In January, Sue reminisced about the time they spent together outside their professional lives, saying, “His wife and my husband, the four of us would go on holiday together, we saw each other regularly, I still speak to Carol every day.”

Sue candidly shared her feelings about John’s passing at the start of the year, revealing that she was still grappling with the loss. She expressed, “It’s very difficult for me to say that I have really gone through the grieving process because I haven’t, I still don’t believe he is gone. He feels very much that he is still with us and of course he will be with us, he will be in our lives forever because of the wonderful Boycie that he created.”

Sue Holderness vists John Challis’ grave

In response to Holderness’s recent tweet, fans expressed gratitude for the laughter and joy the pair brought. Twitter user @RuttleKarl shared, “Sue, you and John made me and my grandpa HOWL with laughter. And I mean cry laughing. Sorely missed but will live eternally. Not a week goes by without watching Only Fools, and now you guys are making my daughters HOWL with laughter. Thank you. RIP John. ?”

Echoing these sentiments, @KennyMetro12 wrote, “A great man & a natural character for the role in Only Fools… not forgetting your good self, Sue.. tears rolling down the face it was… thank you so much for the memories … just brilliant ??”.

Sue Holderness’ visit to John Challis’ grave is a testament to their enduring friendship and the powerful impact they had on viewers. Their performances continue to resonate, bringing laughter and comfort to generations of fans, and ensuring their legacy endures.

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