The Fast Show is returning after 30 years much to the excitement of fans

Richard Bevan
Richard Bevan
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It’s been three decades since The Fast Show first graced our screens, and the iconic sketch show is returning with a 30th-anniversary live tour. The creators, Paul Whitehouse and Charlie Higson, are set to revive their most beloved characters, unleashing iconic catchphrases like “Suit you, sir!” on eager audiences across 14 nights.

The original cast, including Simon Day, Mark Williams, John Thomson, and Arabella Weir, will join Whitehouse and Higson in bringing back the comedy magic that made The Fast Show a household name. This marks a nostalgic journey for fans who fondly remember characters like Posh Ted, Ron Manager, and the ever-quirky Swiss Toni.

In an exclusive interview with The Sun, Paul Whitehouse humorously points out, “We need to do it quick before we’re all dead.” Charlie Higson chimes in, revealing plans for the future: “We’ve had some ideas about using the characters in another format, like the Carry On films, or even a panto, so this tour is just to test the waters.”

The Fast Show Became A Hotbed Of Catchphrases

The Fast Show, which ran from 1994 to 1997, garnered immense popularity and featured over 80 characters, each contributing to the show’s timeless appeal. Characters like Johnny Nice Painter, Professor Denzil Dexter, and the Insecure Woman with her famous catchphrase, “Does my bum look big in this?” are etched in comedy folklore.

The Fast Show cast
The Fast Show ran between 1994 and 1997, creating many catchphrases still used today.

The recent benefit gig in memory of Felix Dexter brought the original trio, Charlie, Paul, and Simon, back together. The buzz ignited speculation about The Fast Show’s return, prompting Charlie to clarify that it was a one-off charity event. However, the overwhelming response from fans fueled the decision to reunite for a live tour.

Reflecting on past celebrity appearances, Charlie shares anecdotes about Hollywood stars Johnny Depp and Robbie Williams gracing the Fast Show stage. Johnny Depp’s impromptu appearance in a Suit You sketch showcased the international appeal of the show, with Depp approaching the creators himself. Meanwhile, Robbie Williams’ professionalism and a spontaneous car park spin in his new Range Rover added to the show’s behind-the-scenes charm.

Notably, a young Amy Winehouse made her mark in a Competitive Dad sketch, highlighting the show’s knack for introducing emerging talents. Reflecting on Winehouse’s acting skills, Charlie jests, “We discovered Amy Winehouse. I remember saying to her, ‘You need to get into music, girl. Not this bloody acting rubbish.'”

A Long-Awaited Return

While the Fast Show has occasionally returned, the upcoming live tour promises to be a unique celebration of its 30th anniversary. The tour, kicking off in Stoke on March 18, will offer fans a trip down memory lane with the “greatest hits.” Charlie Higson will take on a Graham Norton-like role, engaging the cast in conversations about their time on the show and the origins of their characters.

The announcement of “An Evening With The Fast Show” met with great anticipation from fans. The live tour promises a nostalgic journey into the comedic brilliance that defined an era. As Charlie aptly puts it, “Comedy is a social glue in so many ways. We could have done many more worthy things in our lives, but making people laugh is good, and people need it.”

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