The planned revival of the Carry On film franchise in 2019, shortly before Barbara Windsor’s death

Richard Bevan
Richard Bevan
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The iconic Carry On franchise was once slated for a grand return. Excitingly, plans unveiled not one, but three new films back in 2019. Carry On Films Ltd, under the leadership of Brian Baker, had ambitious intentions to revive the series. This has stirred excitement among fans longing for the return of this beloved cultural gem.

A year later, the sensational announcement sent shockwaves through the entertainment world – the late Barbara Windsor, an indelible part of the Carry On legacy, was set to make a posthumous appearance. Baker hinted at the awe-inspiring plan, “Barbara will be making an appearance. It will be a tilt of the head to say, ‘Well done’. That’s the best way to do it. We are looking at using a hologram from old footage to put her in a situation like a queue for the Royal Albert Hall or serving in a shop.”

The news unfolded with promises of two new stories and a modern-day rendition of a classic, likely Carry On Sergeant. Baker spoke passionately about the project, revealing, “We want to honour the legacy of producer Peter Rogers. He is the unsung hero of the Carry On films.”

Brian Baker of Carry On Films Ltd
Carry On Films Ltd leader Brian Baker unveiled big plans for a new trilogy of films in 2019

However, since these groundbreaking revelations in 2019 and 2020, the revival has fallen into an eerie silence. Plans to show the films on streaming giants like Netflix or Amazon Prime Video were in the works, with talks of a new ensemble of characters, “We want new idiosyncrasies and personalities. We’re not going to copy what’s gone before,” said Brian.

As the British public eagerly awaits more news, the prospect of a Carry On comeback remains a tantalising dream. The 2022 release date, once set in stone, has come and gone, and fans are left hanging, hoping for a revival that would undoubtedly be a boon for British comedy and culture.

Reflecting on the iconic franchise’s rich history, the Carry On films have been synonymous with British culture since the first installment in 1958. Barbara Windsor, who starred in eight films, including Carry On Spying and Carry On Camping, remains a central figure in the series. The most recent, Carry On Columbus, dates back to 1992.

In 2019, Brian Baker confidently asserted, “There is a big appetite for more Carry On. There was a time when the British could laugh at themselves, and that is what is missing today.” These words still resonate, pointing towards the enduring charm of the Carry On legacy.

The first ever Carry On film 1958: Carry On Sergeant
The first of the franchise, “Carry On Sergeant”, came out in 1958.

News Haas Gone Quiet On Production Of New Films

As we look forward to potential updates on this intriguing project, the memory of Barbara Windsor and the laughter she brought lingers. The Carry On the comeback, with its mix of old-fashioned British humour and new-age storytelling, could be a breath of fresh air British comedy needs.

In the grand scheme of things, the Carry On saga is a testament to the evergreen appeal of cheeky humour and quintessential British wit. The question now hangs in the air – will the Carry On legacy find a new lease on life? Only time will tell.

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