The top 5 rated Carry On films as voted by the fans

Richard Bevan
Richard Bevan
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The 31 Carry On films are a staple of British culture, stretching back to 1958. For 20 years, they delighted audiences, producing some of the best-loved British films and stars. While everyone has their favourite, here’s a countdown of the top 5 Carry On films, as voted on IMDB.

5. Carry on Abroad (1972) – Rated 6.5

Carry On Abroad: Stuart Farquhar and visitors arrive to their hotel, welcomed by Pepe, played brilliantly by Peter Butterworth

Starting with Carry on Abroad, the 25th film in the series. In this comedy, a group of British holidaymakers in Spain face humorous challenges when they discover their hotel is incomplete. Managed by the overburdened Monsieur Pepe, the hotel is missing essentials, leading to a series of comedic situations, especially after the group consumes a local love potion.

4. Carry on Camping (1969) – Rated 6.6

Carry on Camping, the 17th installment, is a tale of outdoor misadventures. Sid and James, along with their girlfriends, embark on a trip to a supposed nudist campsite. The journey takes an amusing turn with the appearance of a group of charming girls, transforming their getaway into a series of humorous escapades.

3. Carry on Cleo (1964) – Rated 6.7

Carry on Cleo, the 10th film of the series, is a historical comedy set in ancient Rome and Egypt. It parodies the story of Cleopatra, portrayed by Amanda Barrie. The film intertwines love, political intrigue, and mistaken identities, leading to laughable outcomes.

2. Carry on Screaming (1966) – Rated 6.7

Fenella Felding, Bernard Bresslaw, Jim Dale and Harry H. Corbett in Carry On Screaming

Carry on Screaming, the 12th film in the series, blends horror and comedy. It follows Sergeant Bung and his assistant as they investigate the disappearance of young women. Their investigation uncovers Dr. Watt’s bizarre scheme of turning victims into mannequins, culminating in a mix of spooky and hilarious moments.

  1. Carry on Up the Khyber (1968) – Rated 6.8

    Carry on Up the Khyber, the 16th film, is set in 1985 and revolves around Sir Sidney Ruff-Diamond, the British governor in India. Facing a rebellion led by the Khasi of Kalabar, the film humorously depicts British eccentricities and ends in a comically exaggerated confrontation.

The Carry On films, with their unique blend of humour and satire, are still popular with film fans all over the world…and so they should be!

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