BEHIND BARS BRAWL: The true motive for the hostage-taking and stabbing of disgraced Lostprophets frontman Ian Watkins

Gemma Thomas
Gemma Thomas
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Infamous paedophile musician Ian Watkins found himself in a dangerous situation when he was reportedly stabbed in his prison cell during a confrontation over guitar lessons, as uncovered by The Sun.

Ian Watkins, the former lead vocalist of the band Lostprophets, now aged 46, had to be hospitalised after sustaining a neck wound during a tense six-hour stand-off within HMP Wakefield in West Yorkshire. Startlingly, two of the assailants involved in the incident were revealed to be convicted murderers, according to visitors at the prison.

Police mugshot of Ian Watkins

The altercation reportedly erupted from Watkins’ interactions with certain acquaintances, who sought music-related guidance from the former rockstar. It is said that Watkins had been offering guitar lessons and discussing his experiences as a musician with these individuals. However, this act of mentorship appeared to have incited the ire of other inmates, ultimately triggering a violent backlash.

Ian Watkins with Fearne Cotton who he dated back in 2005

A source familiar with the matter stated, “He was known to have hangers-on who asked him about music and being a rock star. He even gave some of them guitar lessons — which made other inmates in there angry so they wanted revenge.” The notoriety surrounding Watkins’ case also played a role, as some prisoners believed that attacking a high-profile inmate like him could facilitate their transfer to a different prison. However, this strategy rarely proves effective.

The rock star approached fans via the Lostprophets website and met young girls for sex

Reports suggested that jealousy stemming from Watkins’ relationship with his younger girlfriend, who frequently visited him, may have added to the tensions in the prison environment.
Watkins’ disturbing criminal history involves his conviction in 2013 on 13 counts of child-related offences, for which he received a 35-year sentence.

Attempts to appeal this lengthy sentence were rebuffed in 2014, with Lord Justice Christopher Pitchford citing the “shocking depravity” of Watkins’ crimes as justification for the severe penalty.
In response to these recent developments, the Prison Service has refrained from making any comments, preferring to await the conclusion of ongoing police investigations.

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