‘We were basically pimps’: TV staff who worked with Russell Brand say he would hook up with audience members

Gemma Thomas
Gemma Thomas
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Production staff have shed light on their experiences working with Russell Brand, revealing that he enlisted them to seek out potential romantic partners for him from his show’s audiences. Shockingly, senior figures at the BBC were allegedly aware of Brand’s liaisons with competition winners in the premises’ restrooms.

Detailed Allegations

A Channel 4 Dispatches investigation, aired last Saturday evening, unveiled accusations of sexual assault or rape from multiple women between 2006 and 2013. Remarkably, one of these women was just 16 at the time.

Self confessed sex addict, Russell Brand strongly claims that all of his sexual encounters have been consensual.

During these years, Brand was the face of numerous TV shows. These included “1 Leicester Square” on MTV, “Big Brother’s Efourum” and “Big Brother’s Big Mouth” on Channel 4, and even the US-based “Brand X”.

According to insiders, staff were directed to discreetly share his contact number or hotel details with selected audience members. Disturbingly, they would later receive emotional phone calls from women who felt abandoned after encountering Brand.

Furthermore, Lesley Douglas, the then BBC Radio 2 controller, allegedly ignored whispers about Brand’s indiscretions in the BBC restrooms.

Russell Brand would seek out audience members for sex according to former co-workers
Production staff reveal that Brand enlisted them to seek out potential sexual partners for him from his show’s audiences.

Witness Accounts

Helen Berger, Brand’s assistant between 2006 and 2007, observed him pinpointing audience members for their contact details. Moreover, she disclosed an unsettling experience where Brand showcased explicit photos at the Edinburgh Festival. To her horror, she recognised one of the subjects.

However, Brand staunchly denies these allegations, terming them as ‘baroque’.

Russell Brand's PA
Helen Berger, Brand’s assistant between 2006 and 2007, observed him pinpointing audience members for their contact details.

Yet, multiple accounts from the production team and even his former personal assistant paint a picture of a comedian who would reportedly direct his staff to collect phone numbers of select audience members. This act was chillingly likened to ‘leading lambs to slaughter’ by a former employee.

Escalating Accusations

A production runner named Rachel has come forward with claims that Brand sexually groomed her. On one occasion, she alleges a disturbing encounter in Brand’s dressing room. Despite her discomfort, she kept silent, fearing professional reprisals. It’s alleged that their subsequent sexual relationship violated the terms of his contract.

Russell Brand with his wife and two kids
The comedian on a recent outing with his wife Laura Gallacher and their two children.

Phoebe, another alleged victim, detailed her tumultuous experience while working on Brand’s US chat show, “Brand X”. After a brief romantic encounter, she witnessed a seemingly endless parade of women visiting his dressing room, describing the situation as ‘absolute mayhem’.

Media and Organisations Respond

Both Endemol, the producer of the Big Brother spin-off, and Channel 4 have denied the existence of a clause prohibiting Brand’s sexual interactions with the staff in his contract. Nonetheless, they emphasise their commitment to the well-being of their staff and talent.

Helen Berger recalled her time working closely with Brand, including instances when he would blatantly request the contact details of audience members. Yet, her perception of Brand altered when she identified a woman in explicit photos that Brand shared with peers.

BBC2 radio controller Lesley Douglas was apparently well-aware of complaints against the comedian.

The BBC’s Stance

Regarding Brand’s stint on BBC Radio 2, accusations surfaced that controller Lesley Douglas was well-aware of complaints against him. However, Brand and Douglas departed the BBC following the ‘Sachsgate’ incident.

While Brand remained silent on the matter, a representative for Lesley Douglas vehemently denies the accusations. The BBC has also commented on the situation, highlighting their continuous efforts to improve workplace conduct and deal appropriately with complaints.

In sum, as more details continue to emerge, the entire entertainment industry is watching closely, awaiting the next chapter in this controversial saga.

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