Ulrika Jonsson attacks Catherine Tyldesley over ‘Cakegate’ controversy

Gemma Thomas
Gemma Thomas
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The ongoing Cakegate saga involving actress Catherine Tyldesley and a local bakery owner who declined to provide 100 cakes for her birthday in exchange for exposure has taken a new turn. Television presenter Ulrika Jonsson has now weighed in on the matter, sharing her thoughts on the situation.

In her column for The Sun, Ulrika, 55, didn’t hold back in expressing her opinion. She branded Catherine, 39, as ‘cheeky and cocky’ for her alleged expectation of free products from a small business in return for social media and magazine promotions.

Ulrika slammed Catherine Tyldesley and branded her ‘cheeky’ and ‘cocky’ for expecting free products from a small business in return for publicity

Ulrika emphasised her discomfort with seeking freebies from struggling businesses, particularly during these challenging times. She stated, “It’s cheeky, cocky and often with an utter disrespect for the businesses trying to stay afloat.” Ulrika also shared her personal experience, asserting that she has never asked for a freebie throughout her 35 years in the public eye.

The Cakegate controversy erupted after Rebecca Severs, owner of Three Little Birds Bakery in Keighley, publicly posted an email exchange between her bakery and a PR company representing an unnamed ‘well-known’ celebrity. The email requested 100 cakes and other confections for a 40th birthday party, promising exposure on social media and in OK Magazine as compensation.

The email exchange between Catherine’s PR company and small business owner Rebecca Severs

Rebecca’s response to the request garnered widespread support for her stance on fair compensation for small businesses. In a video posted online, Catherine Tyldesley subsequently identified herself as the celebrity in question and accused Rebecca of ‘craving exposure’.

Catherine posted a video on Instagram claiming not to know anything about the request for free cakes. She commented ‘I hope the cake lady gets the exposure she was craving’

Rebecca, undeterred, responded to the situation with gratitude for the outpouring of support she received. She shared an AI-generated image of the cake design requested for the themed party and thanked her followers for standing up for small businesses.

Both Catherine Tyldesley and the PR company involved have addressed the situation. Tyldesley claimed she was unaware of the email exchange and defended their intent to support local businesses through collaborations.

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