Unearthed video reveals a baby-baced Peter Kay’s surprise role in Coronation Street back in ’97!

Richard Bevan
Richard Bevan
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In a blast from the past, a recently resurfaced YouTube clip exposed a young and virtually unrecognisable Peter Kay making a cameo on the iconic cobbles of Coronation Street. The video showcases a fresh-faced Kay in a surprising role on one of Britain’s most beloved soaps back in 1997.

The clip reveals Kay as a delivery driver for Fred Elliott’s corner shop. The Bolton-born star, born on 2nd July 1973, was still finding his feet in the industry. He would take on diverse roles, including this memorable appearance on Coronation Street.

In the scene, Kay shares the screen with Coronation Street stalwart Fred Elliott, played by John Savident, during the refurbishment of the Corner Shop. A role that may have slipped through the cracks of fans’ memories, this adds a layer to Peter Kay’s early career.

Kay had a small cameo as a shoplifter in 1997.

Appearance On Corrie Just The Start For Peter Kay

The delivery driver role was just one of Peter Kay’s early forays into television, with his TV debut in 1997’s New Voices showcasing his versatility as he played a getaway driver in a pub heist. This marked the beginning of a career that would see him become a household name in British comedy.

Coronation Street has a history of hosting unexpected guest stars. Peter Kay joins the ranks of other comedians who’ve graced the cobbles over the years. Notable mentions include Sir Ian McKellen, Joan Collins, and even pop legend Cliff Richard, who made an appearance in 1997. The soap’s rich history of surprise appearances has made it a hotbed for showcasing diverse talent.

Peter Kay also appeared in Coronation Street in 2004.

So, whether you’re a die-hard Coronation Street fan or a Peter Kay enthusiast, this resurfaced clip is a must-watch. Click the link here and prepare for a journey back to 1997 when Peter Kay graced the cobbled stones.

The Cobbles has seen everything from Oscar winners like Ben Kingsley to pop sensations like Mel B. Peter Kay’s early stint on the show adds another layer to a history of celebrity appearances.

So, if you thought Peter Kay’s comedic brilliance began with “Phoenix Nights” or “Car Share,” think again!

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