Victoria Beckham swiftly removes daughter Harper from violent brawl in Miami restaurant

Gemma Thomas
Gemma Thomas
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Warning: Graphic Content Ahead. Victoria Beckham and Harper Seven Beckham Swiftly Leave Upscale Miami Restaurant Gekko, Owned by Rapper Bad Bunny, After Violent Altercation

Following upscale dining at Miami’s Gekko, Victoria Beckham and daughter Harper Seven had to exit hastily after a brawl erupted at the restaurant. Accompanied by David Beckham, Lionel Messi, and wife Antonela Roccuzzo, Victoria removed her 12 year old daughter due to the violent altercation.

David Beckham with Lionel Messi and pals celebrating at the Gecko restaurant

A fight breaks out between a diner and security over footballer photos

Reports indicate security physically confronted a male diner, believing he photographed Lionel Messi. But the victim’s friend argued it was a mistake, explaining he captured his daughter’s 21st birthday photo.

“Just because my homeboy was trying to take a picture with his wife, not with Beckham or Messi, nothing. It was a family thing.”

Much fun was being had on the night out before the fight erupted between a fellow diner and security

As soon as she became aware of the violence, Victoria Beckham promptly steered Harper away from the commotion. They headed for a security-driven SUV which was waiting outside the restaurant.

The accused man shows his horrific facial injuries

A later video revealed a bloodied man displaying damages outside Gekko. In the background, a woman yelled: “He’s a family man, celebrating his daughter’s 21st birthday.”

The diner was attacked by security after being accused of taking a photo of the footballers

Reports unveiled a misunderstanding by security, escalating into alleged ejection and physical conflict. The injured party clarified, “They jumped at us, kicked me out, and punched me. My friend tried taking a family photo, not with Beckham or Messi.”

Victoria Beckham seen ushering her daughter Harper to safety

Amid rising tensions, a woman’s outcry demanded accountability, expressing disbelief: “How dare you! Where’s the manager? This is crazy! Someone needs to be fired.”

“We were trying to take a picture here; then they jumped at us, kicked me out and punched me in the face.”

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