Viewers angrily switch off Michael McIntyre’s show, branding Bradley Walsh segment “Too much”

Richard Bevan
Richard Bevan
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Fans of Michael McIntyre’s Big Show reached for the remote this weekend, driven to switch off the popular programme after what they deemed an “unbearable” segment featuring none other than Bradley Walsh.

Walsh, 63, participated in McIntyre’s infamous Midnight Gameshow, a segment where unsuspecting celebrities are awakened in the middle of the night to answer a barrage of questions. The skit took an unexpected turn when Walsh encountered skier Fanny Chmelar, famously associated with a humorous incident on ITV’s The Chase, leaving the studio audience in stitches.

However, it wasn’t laughter that resonated with some viewers at home. Many took issue with the fact that Walsh, a regular face on primetime Saturday night TV, had appeared on three consecutive shows that evening. Starting with The Chase Celebrity Special on ITV at 5 pm, followed by hosting Gladiators alongside his son at 5:50 pm, Walsh then made an appearance on Michael McIntyre’s Big Show.

Fans Of Michael McIntyre Left Annoyed By Segment

Infuriated license fee payers flooded social media with their frustrations. One viewer on X, formerly Twitter, expressed, “Caught about two minutes of that Michael McIntyre show, the volume had to go down immediately, and then the entire TV got switched off after that. It was so unbearable I didn’t even want to flick channels.”

McIntyre’s infamous Midnight Gameshow annoyed several viewers.

Another viewer echoed the sentiment, stating, “Sorry, I switched over when Bradley Walsh was on Michael McIntyre Show, too much #michaelmcintyresbigshow.”

The onslaught continued with viewers questioning Walsh’s ubiquitous TV presence. One tweet questioned, “Anyone else think #BradleyWalsh is on the TV far too much now? And why has his son got a prime-time job that some wait years for and never get?”

Despite the backlash, some defended Walsh, with one fan proclaiming, “Bradley Walsh is a national treasure.”

The incident marks a controversial moment in the otherwise beloved Michael McIntyre’s Big Show, which returned to screens last week after a hiatus due to COVID-related filming disruptions. McIntyre, 47, shared his excitement about the show’s seventh series, noting that many fans often struggle to recall its name, referring to it by various descriptors.

Hilarious Appearance Of Infamous Skier Made Famous By The Chase

The McIntyre-Walsh controversy unfolded during a Midnight Gameshow segment, where Walsh, shirtless in bed, faced a series of questions posed by McIntyre, some of which echoed those on The Chase. The divisive appearance led to a divide among viewers, with some declaring they would ‘switch off’ during Bradley Walsh’s moments on the show.

Austrian Skier Fanny Chmelar’s appearance was a surprise to Bradley.

While opinions flew around on social media, not everyone was critical of Walsh’s appearance. Some viewers deemed the segment “worth every penny of the licence fee,” celebrating the comedic exchange between the two entertainers.

This incident comes on the heels of a historic moment on The Chase, where contestant Kim faced an eye-watering six-figure cash offer, labelled the “highest offer ever” by chaser Darragh ‘The Menace’ Ennis. Despite the shock and awe from host Bradley and viewers, Kim opted for a conservative approach, keeping her initial £5,000. The unexpected turn of events added another layer to The Chase’s rich history, a show that has continued to captivate audiences since its inception in 2009.

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