Viewers angry with the BBC as “Overused” Alison Hammond gets a new show

Richard Bevan
Richard Bevan
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The BBC is facing a barrage of criticism from viewers following the announcement of a new show featuring Alison Hammond, as calls to “Defund the BBC” echo across social media.

Hammond has been a regular face on television screens for several years, sparking debates over the saturation of her presence on various programs. The latest addition to her CV is “Alison Hammond’s Big Weekend,” set to air on BBC One and iPlayer in 2025. The show’s premise? Hammond spends 48 hours with a celebrity, promising viewers an intimate peek into the lives of their favourite stars.

In a statement, the BBC described the show as a platform forbig laughs, big revelations, and a whole load of celebrity realness,” highlighting Hammond’s unique interviewing style that has endeared her to nationwide audiences. The presenter expressed her excitement about hosting the show saying, I’m so excited to serve up some big lols and tons of OMG revelations on the BBC as I spend some quality time with some of the UK’s favourite celebrities.”

Viewers annoyed at the overuse of Hammond and others

However, not everyone shares the same enthusiasm. Viewers took to social media to express their discontent, with one user on X lamenting,We need more Alison Hammond on our TV, said nobody other than tv executives, ever.” Another voiced concerns over Hammond’s ubiquitous presence, stating, “Got nothing against the woman and I don’t mind her but there does come a point when someone is on TV too much (Bradley Walsh).”

Alison Hammond, whose new show is set to air in 2025, has recently replaced Paul O’Grady on “The Love Of Dogs”.

Criticism extended to the BBC’s casting decisions, with viewers questioning the network’s reluctance to promote new talent. So sad that the same presenters get every job going. Do they actually interview for these jobs?” one user pondered. Another echoed this sentiment, asking, “You’d think there were no other presenters in the UK with the same group getting recycled from show to show, surely there’s new talent out there?”

The backlash didn’t stop there, with calls for action against what some perceive as an over-reliance on familiar faces. “Defund the BBC,” one user bluntly stated.

Despite the controversy, there were voices of support for Hammond and her new venture, including one fan exclaiming, “This will be amazing!!”

This isn’t the first time Hammond’s casting has stirred up controversy, with her previous role as Paul O’Grady’s replacement on For The Love of Dogs eliciting similar reactions from viewers. Nevertheless, the popularity of her recent ventures suggests that Alison Hammond’s Big Weekend may yet win over audiences, with celebrity guests set to be announced in due course.

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