WATCH: Tony Angelino actor Philip Pope recreates famous Only Fools “Cwying” scene

Richard Bevan
Richard Bevan
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Philip Pope, the actor behind the unforgettable Tony Angelino in the iconic British sitcom Only Fools and Horses, recreated the hilarity of his “cwying” scene in front of a cheering crowd at Comic Con Manchester last weekend.

Best remembered as the singer who could only pronounce his R’s as W’s, Pope’s rendition of Roy Orbison’s hit “Crying” — or “Cwying” as he sang it — is a classic highlight of the series. His surprise performance, more than 30 years later, was the show-stopper of the Comic Con.

Ant Gill, a thrilled fan, shared the footage on social media, saying, “Quite possibly my favourite moment of the weekend. Watching the Only Fools And Horses Q&A and Phil Pope broke out the ‘Cwying’ song.”

The “Stage Fright” episode, which first aired on 13 January 1991, is the third episode of the 7th series. The scene in which Raquel and Tony perform “Crying” was named the “8th Greatest Only Fools Moment” by UKTV Gold in December 2006.

Phillip began to serenade Tessa Peake-Jones who famously duetted the song with him as Del boy’s partner Raquel

In the episode, Del Boy, played by David Jason, wins a contract to organise entertainment at the Starlight Rooms. He arranges a duet with his girlfriend, Raquel, and club singer Tony Angelino, not knowing that Tony has a rhotacism.

At Comic Con Manchester, Philip Pope once again took on the role of the ‘Singing Dustman’ Tony Angelino, delivering a delightful surprise to the fans who have carried the love for Only Fools and Horses through the decades. His performance was a perfect trip down memory lane, a salute to the quintessential humour of the British sitcom, and a testament to the show’s timeless appeal.

As the actor once again belted out “Cwying”, the crowd broke into cheers, laughter, and applause, creating a joyful moment that captured the very essence of the much-loved television series. The overwhelming response from the fans served as a reminder of the enduring affection for Only Fools and Horses and the characters that made it such a classic.

Tony Angelino’s ‘Cwying’ scene has indeed aged like a fine wine – still eliciting belly laughs three decades later. And Philip Pope’s surprise performance at Comic Con Manchester was a nostalgic treat for fans, proving that in the world of comedy, some moments truly are timeless.

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