I asked AI to write me storylines for a new Phoenix Nights series set in 2023 – this is what I got back

Richard Bevan
Richard Bevan
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For a bit of fun, I asked AI to write me the basis of a synopsis for a new Phoneix Night series set in 2023. Below is the exact extract it gave me back, and I have to say, I was impressed with some of the basis of some episodes. Not sure why it gave me nine episodes, but I have to say, the episode with Clinton Baptiste in did make me chuckle.

It would be great to hear your thoughts on this!

AI’s Phoenix Night’s series set in 2023:

It’s 2023, and Brian Potter’s Phoenix Club has somehow managed to stay afloat despite the rapid modernisation of Bolton’s nightlife scene. The era of digital technology, social media influencers, and eco-conscious patrons presents new challenges and opportunities.

Episode 1: Young hipsters are accidentally sent to the Phoenix Club for a retro 2000s night instead of a trendy new nightclub. Seeing the potential, Brian attempts to capitalise on this by turning the Phoenix into the ‘go-to’ venue for nostalgic club nights.

Episode 2: Jerry “The Saint” St. Clair gets the idea to host a talent contest, but this time it’s virtual. He struggles to understand the concept of live streaming, leading to a series of hilarious tech mishaps. Meanwhile, club psychic Clinton Baptiste starts giving virtual readings, but a misinterpretation causes chaos in the local online community.

I am glad Clinton Baptiste got a mention in the AI 2023 version of Phoenix Nights

Episode 3: As eco-consciousness takes over, Brian faces pressure to make the Phoenix Club more environmentally friendly. The club’s attempts at composting, meatless Mondays, and ‘sustainable’ cocktails are a comedic disaster. Kenny Senior, now obsessed with plant care, turns a section of the club into an indoor jungle, which quickly becomes a breeding ground for local wildlife.

Episode 4: Ray Von discovers cryptocurrency and tries to convince Brian to accept it at the bar. Brian, sceptical at first, changes his tune when he hears about a local pub that made a fortune off a coin. The duo launch “PhoenixCoin”, but not without facing the complexities and madness of the crypto world.

Episode 5: Den Perry, still holding a grudge, plans a rival event on the same night as the Phoenix Club’s big annual bash. This forces Brian and the gang to pull out all stops. Max and Paddy are roped into going undercover at Den’s event, leading to a series of comedic misadventures.

Den Perry makes episode 5

Episode 6: The Phoenix Club decides to host a ‘Met Gala’ style event to raise its profile. Everyone in the club gets over-enthusiastic about their outfits and roles. Young Kenny gets trapped in his elaborate costume, and Jerry takes his role as the event’s host a little too seriously.

Episode 7: Brian finds out about Escape Rooms and decides the Phoenix should have one. The gang designs it based on the history of the Phoenix Club, with all its mishaps and adventures. However, they accidentally lock themselves inside during the test run, leading to a trip down memory lane as they try to solve their way out.

Episode 8: Les Alanos are set for a huge comeback gig at the Phoenix. However, on the day of the concert, Alan falls ill, leaving Les in a lurch. In desperation, they rope in Brian and Jerry to fill in. The performance is nothing short of chaotic but, in a twist, becomes a viral sensation, reviving the club’s popularity.

AI is a bit of fun but the likelihood of Phoenix Nights ever coming back seems highly unlikely

Finale Episode: As the Phoenix Club enjoys a revival in its fortunes, Brian realises that while the world around them might change, the heart and soul of the Phoenix remain constant. A huge celebration night at the club is planned. All the regulars come together, reminiscing about their adventures. As the night draws to an end, Brian makes a toast to the Phoenix Club, its resilience, and its ability to rise from the ashes time and time again.

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