Alan Carr tells a SAVAGELY rude joke in response to a question about his ex-husband

Richard Bevan
Richard Bevan
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Alan Carr, the 47-year-old comedian, recently shocked the public with his no-holds-barred response to questions about his ex-husband, Paul Drayton, during the European premiere of Cirque du Soleil’s Alegria.

When asked about the conspicuous absence of his wedding ring, Alan nonchalantly revealed, “No, no love, that’s no longer on. I’ve got my c**k ring on, though.” The quip stunned the audience, showcasing Alan’s trademark wit.

The split between Alan Carr and Paul was confirmed in January 2022, ending their 13-year relationship, three of which were spent in marriage. In a joint statement, they expressed their amicable decision to part ways, citing their difficulties. Paul, in a subsequent Instagram post, disclosed his entry into rehab to address alcoholism, a struggle he had battled for years.

The couple, wed by none other than Adele at her Californian home in 2018, faced a tumultuous turn of events leading to the separation. Paul’s struggles with alcohol came to a head, culminating in a court case where he pleaded guilty to a drink-driving charge, narrowly avoiding tragedy.

The relationship faced a breaking point when Paul posted a photo with a black eye on Instagram, alluding to a turbulent altercation. Alan Carr clarified that the injury resulted from Paul’s return to alcohol, and he was actively seeking help from his husband.

The incident strained their relationship further, with insiders revealing that Alan believed Paul’s actions could harm his career. Friends of the comedian considered this the ‘final straw,’ leading to the irreparable rift in their marriage.

Alan Carr, known for his resilient spirit, has since moved forward with his life. He confirmed his commitment to Dry January, showcasing his determination to maintain sobriety. As he navigates life post-divorce, Alan remains active in his career, currently working on a series alongside Amanda Holden.

Despite the challenges, Alan seems to have found a new chapter in his romantic life. Two years after the split, he has moved on with 27-year-old hairdresser Callum Heslop. The couple’s relationship has progressed to the point where they were invited to spend Thanksgiving with none other than Adele, a testament to the enduring bond between the Grammy award winner and Alan.

Callum also accompanied Alan on his US tour, marking a public acknowledgement of their blossoming romance, which was officially revealed in 2023. As Alan Carr embraces new beginnings, his sharp wit and humour continue to captivate audiences, making him a resilient force in the entertainment industry.

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