Billy Connolly goes on a sweary rant about the sport he hates that is loved by millions

Richard Bevan
Richard Bevan
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Sir Billy Connolly has thrown a scathing punch at the sport of golf during a candid interview on the Today programme. The 80-year-old, never one to mince words, expressed his disdain for the game that has captivated millions around the globe.

Connolly once said, “Frankly, I’ve never understood golf or golfers.” He suggested that when the Scots invented the game years ago. “Eh, Jimmy… hit this wee ball made of feathers with this stick,”. His satire extended to the sartorial choices of golfers, lampooning the iconic V-neck pullovers adorned with wee lions and matching tartan trousers.

Billy’s Solution For Golf Courses

Taking his critique to a whole new level, Connolly suggested a drastic solution: “Give golf courses to the homeless.”

Sir Billy, who has mellowed since his Parkinson’s diagnosis, opened up about his ongoing battle with the disease. Despite the challenges, he humorously quipped about his attitude, saying, “I’ll give you a break if you give me a break,” referring to Parkinson’s. Reflecting on his use of a walking stick, Connolly affirmed his acceptance of the situation, adding, “It’s a thing I just have to put up with. We’re nice to each other.”

A young Billy Connolly
Billy has often made Golf part of his comedy routine.

Sir Billy Connolly confessed, “I’m fuelled by anger. And coffee.” The iconic comedian, who once relied on coffee to rev up before performances, admitted that he didn’t need much assistance in that department. His anger, he claimed, stems from a deep-seated aversion to anything remotely unfair, serving as a potent source of energy during his performances.

Connolly’s golf rant echoes that of other celebrities, such as Noel Gallagher, the former Oasis star, who recently denounced the sport on a podcast. Gallagher declared that “Golf is the death of everything, “When I hear people talking about f***ing golf, I want to f***ing kill them. I f***ing hate golf“.

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