British tourists are angry after the hotel where British comedy Benidorm is filmed gets strict on the sunbed claimers

Richard Bevan
Richard Bevan
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Blimey! According to The Sun, the hotel made famous by ITV’s Benidorm, Sol Pelicanos Ocas (or ‘The Solana’ as telly buffs know it), is the centre of a right old kerfuffle. Staff are snatching towels off deserted sunbeds, turning the fictional drama into a real-life telly soap opera!

Holidaymakers are fuming after waiting for bloomin’ hours each morning, trying to snag that perfect spot by the pool. But if they dare nip off for a bit, their precious towels are chucked into lost property. It’s all kicking off!

The hotel made famous by Benidorm has changed it’s sunbed rules making British visitors unhappy

Newcastle lad Guy Gibson, 46, moaned, “It’s a nightmare trying to relax here. We’re always on guard, watching for what we’ve dubbed the ‘fun police’. Pop into the pool for a quick dip and – boom! – your towel’s gone.”

And that’s not all. Our trusty Sun reporters saw early birds queueing from 7am for their spot in the sun. At the crack of 9am, a mad dash ensued as the barriers were lifted and tourists raced for the best sunbeds, throwing their towels down in haste. But cheeky staff are having none of it, slapping warnings on those sunbeds left unattended, telling guests they can’t reserve with towels or bags. One hour of absence, and it’s bye-bye belongings!

While some Brits are ready to spit their tea over this, others reckon it’s not a bad idea. Portsmouth mum Jo Burnham, 43, told us, “One bloke lost the plot over it. There was shouting and all sorts. But honestly? I think it’s a top system. Less faff about finding a bed.”

The Garveys would not be very impressed!

Across the sunny Med, these sunbed spats are heating up, with some resorts even hiring security! The bigwigs at Sol Pelicanos Ocas revealed they’re oversubscribed – 1,800 guests for just 700 loungers. They defended their towel-grabbing antics, saying it’s all to improve the guest experience.

So if you’re jetting off to the Med, watch your sunbed and maybe keep your towel close! And if you fancy a bit of a giggle, watch the sunbed wars unfold!

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