Catherine Tate vs. Real-Life Poltergeist: Exciting New Role Revealed

Gemma Thomas
Gemma Thomas
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Catherine Tate Theatre

Renowned for her iconic performances in “The Catherine Tate Show”, British comedian and actress Catherine Tate is set to make a comeback to the theatre scene in the West End. This exciting news was first reported by Chortle, who provides in-depth insight into the British comedy industry.

Catherine Tate, known for her previous successful ventures in theatre, will be showcasing her acting prowess in an intriguing new psychological thriller, “The Enfield Haunting.” This upcoming production is based on a real-life poltergeist occurrence that shocked the United Kingdom in the late 70s.

In the summer of 1977, Peggy Hodgson, a single mother residing in a council house, reported mysterious events to the police. The furniture appeared to move independently, while her children complained of unexplained knocking sounds echoing from the walls.

Over 18 months, an estimated 30 individuals, from neighbours to journalists and paranormal investigators, claimed to have witnessed bizarre incidents. They reported substantial furniture spontaneously moving, objects being thrown across rooms, and the children seemingly levitating several feet above the ground. However, some sceptics argue that these events were part of an elaborate hoax that spiralled out of control.

Fans will be relishing the opportunity to see Catherine in The Enfield Haunting

Catherine Tate will play the central character, Peggy Hodgson, in “The Enfield Haunting.” She was excited about the role, stating, “I’m thrilled to be part of The Enfield Haunting and can’t wait to start working with the first-class creative team and the brilliant David Threlfall.”

The drama was penned by Paul Unwin, co-creator of “Casualty”. He shared his haunting experience with Guy Lyon Playfair, a renowned poltergeist expert who spent significant time with the Hodgson family before he died in 2018. His interactions with Playfair formed the backbone of “The Enfield Haunting”, shaping it into a ghost story that resonates with contemporary audiences.

Under the skilled direction of Angus Jackson, the production is scheduled to grace the stages of Brighton Theatre Royal and Richmond Theatre. After these initial performances, “The Enfield Haunting” will move to The Ambassadors Theatre in the West End, running from November 30 to March 2. Theatre enthusiasts eagerly anticipating Catherine Tate’s return to the stage can purchase their tickets here.

Despite recent fluctuations in viewing figures for her show “Queen Of Oz”, as reported by Chortle, fans of “The Catherine Tate Show” and Catherine Tate’s theatre performances await her next venture with eager anticipation

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