Charlton’s “greatest ever defender” and avid churchgoer Richard Rufus is now in jail for huge scam

Richard Bevan
Richard Bevan
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In the corridors of The Valley, the home ground of Charlton Athletic, Richard Rufus was once hailed as a hero. From scoring an equalising goal that propelled the club into the Premier League to being dubbed Charlton’s greatest-ever defender, Rufus’s career seemed destined to leave a great legacy within Charlton Atheltic football club. But in an astonishing twist, the former Premier League star’s life took a dark turn, culminating in a prison sentence for defrauding close friends and family members of a staggering £15m.

Born in Lewisham, Rufus’s journey to footballing stardom was remarkable. Rising through Charlton’s youth ranks, he made his debut at the tender age of 19. His rapid ascent didn’t go unnoticed; soon, he was in the PFA Team of the Year and was featured prominently for the England U21 side. With each passing season, Rufus’s importance to Charlton grew, and he became an indispensable part of their defence.

His career’s zenith arrived during the 1997-98 season’s climax. Charlton, trailing Sunderland 3-2 with just five minutes of regular time left, watched as Rufus scored his first-ever senior goal, taking the game to extra time and then penalties. Charlton’s triumphant 7-6 win on penalties solidified Rufus’s place in club folklore. But his fairytale story was not to continue uninterrupted.

Rufus spent his whole career at Charlton, and the fans in 2005 voted him as their greatest-ever defender to play for the club in 2005

Injuries plagued his career, forcing him into early retirement in 2004. The same knees that had driven the ball into the net at Wembley now forced him out of the game he loved. However, while many ex-pros transitioned into coaching or punditry, Rufus found himself entangled in financial troubles.

Bankruptcy loomed in 2013 after a failed investment drained £6 million, even impacting his church. Yet, the warning signs were evident when 2015 Rufus was identified as a fraudster in court after causing a devastating £8 million loss to investors. Operating a Ponzi scheme, Rufus extracted over £3 million to fund his opulent lifestyle. In a shocking betrayal, the scheme even targeted members of his own family and congregation.

The year 2019 brought more woes, with Rufus facing charges related to a foreign currency exchange fraud amounting to £9 million. Finally, in January 2023, on his 48th birthday, the past caught up with Richard Rufus. Found guilty of fraud, money laundering, and conducting an unauthorised regulated activity, he was sentenced to seven-and-a-half years.

Rufus outside court

At Southwark Crown Court, the revelations were damning. Rufus lured investors with promises of astronomical returns, only to syphon off funds for personal gain. Using his status as a revered footballer, trusted church member, and beloved family figure, he cruelly betrayed the trust of those who held him in high regard.

Roger Makanjuola of the Crown Prosecution Service said, “Rufus acted without concern for his victims. He took advantage of his status, scamming them out of millions of pounds.” The intention is now to recover his ill-gotten gains through confiscation proceedings.

Rufus was a player adored by Charlton fans, but his legacy is unfortunately tainted after making poor moral decisions post retirement. Hopefully, he can come out of prison a better man.

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