Former Ajax Champions League winner receives jail sentence for molestation of own daughter

Richard Bevan
Richard Bevan
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Former Ajax and Sevilla midfielder Tarik Oulida, once a Champions League winner, has been sentenced to two and a half years in prison in Spain for sexually assaulting his own daughter. This is according to reports from The verdict was delivered by a court in Marbella, Spain.

This isn’t Oulida’s first brush with the Spanish legal system. In the past, he spent a month in prison in Madrid on suspicion of fraud. The recent investigation found that the 49-year-old Amsterdam native climbed into his child’s bed, engaging in sexual acts and touching intimate places.

Aside from the prison term, Oulida faces restrictions. He is prohibited from contacting his child or coming within a certain distance of her. Following his sentence, Spanish authorities will supervise the former football player for an additional four years and two months.

Oulida, who played for Ajax from 1992 to 1995, contributed significantly to the team’s Champions League success. However, his fall from grace is now marked by a disturbing criminal conviction.

Oulida Avoids Heavier Term

The sentence for Tarik Oulida, handed down by a court on Spain’s Costa del Sol, includes a two-year, six-month prison term. However, as part of a plea bargain agreement, he will not serve this time. This has been substituted instead for a 10-year ban on entering Spain.

Tarik Oulida has been found guilty of sexual abuse
Oulida was part of the Ajax squad that won the 1995 UEFA Champions League.

The 49-year-old, born in Amsterdam to Moroccan immigrants, received a restraining order preventing him from going within 500 meters of his victim. The Provincial Court in Malaga stated that Oulida’s compensation payment of €10,000 (£8,720) to the victim influenced the decision not to impose actual jail time.

The plea bargain, involving Oulida’s admission of the crime, also restricts his ability to appeal the conviction. The crime, which occurred in 2011, involved Oulida assaulting the child as she slept.

Tarik Oulida’s football career saw him rise through the ranks at Ajax, contributing to their Champions League victory. He later played for Sevilla in the mid-1990s, spending three seasons at the Spanish side. Afterwards, he moved to Japanese side Nagoya Grampus before retiring from football.

The former midfielder holds both Dutch and Moroccan nationality. The details of when Oulida was first accused of the crime are unclear, but a probe was launched in 2017. In Spain, such investigations, conducted behind closed doors, can take years to conclude.

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