Sian Gibson gives an update on the future of Peter Kay’s Car Share

Richard Bevan
Richard Bevan
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Fans of the hit British sitcom Peter Kay’s Car Share have long been holding out hope for a revival of the beloved show. However, their hopes might be dashed, as one of the show’s stars, Sian Gibson, has given a candid update on the series’ future. In an exclusive interview with Ok magazine, Sian revealed that a reunion doesn’t seem likely anytime soon.

“I don’t think so,” Sian disclosed when asked about the possibility of Car Share returning. “I mean, Peter’s doing a record-breaking UK tour. He’s very busy for the next couple of years. He’s doing his amazing stand-up.” Transitioning from Car Share to the hecticness of a nationwide tour, Peter Kay’s schedule seems packed tight with commitments, leaving little room for a return to the iconic red car.

Car Share stars struck accord with viewers over on-screen chemistry.

Peter Kay and Sian Gibson shared an undeniable on-screen chemistry that endeared them to audiences across the UK. Their portrayal of the quirky and endearing characters John and Kayleigh struck a chord with viewers, making Car Share a standout success for the BBC. Yet, despite the clamour from fans for more episodes, it appears the duo won’t be reuniting behind the wheel anytime soon.

While the news might disappoint Car Share enthusiasts, Sian’s revelation provides closure to the saga of John and Kayleigh. Reflecting on the show’s conclusion, many fans can take solace in their story ending on a sweet note. As Sian herself pointed out, “John and Kayleigh’s story really couldn’t have ended any sweeter.”

Despite not currently sharing the screen, Peter and Sian continue enjoying success in their respective careers. Peter is embarking on a monumental stand-up tour, captivating audiences with his signature wit and humour. Meanwhile, Sian is set to grace screens in the upcoming BBC comedy Mammoth, where she’ll take on the role of Mel, a disgruntled mother entangled in the antics of an enthusiastic PE teacher.

Future revealed for award-winning show

The journey of Car Share, from its inception to its bittersweet farewell, has left its mark on British television. Premiering in April 2015, the show quickly garnered a devoted fanbase and critical acclaim. Over the years, it amassed accolades, including multiple National Television Awards and Baftas, solidifying its place in the pantheon of British comedy.

However, despite the show’s undeniable success, its future remains uncertain. Last year, reports surfaced suggesting that Car Share might not see a revival, with Peter Kay’s production company indicating a shift in focus. According to a source cited by The Sun, the closure of Good Night Vienna Productions, which produced Car Share, hinted at the end of the road for the beloved sitcom.

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