Comedy legends Kathy Burke and Paul Whitehouse reunite 25 years post-Harry Enfield show

Gemma Thomas
Gemma Thomas
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Loved comedian Kathy Burke was seen leisurely enjoying a cigarette beside her trusty shopping trolley outside a café in London, reuniting with her former co-star Paul Whitehouse from Harry Enfield and Chums. The duo, renowned for their roles in the classic comedy show, basked in the sunlight during their laughter-filled meet-up in North London.

During their coffee tête-à-tête, Kathy, who recently conducted a candid interview with Katie Price on her popular podcast, sparked infectious laughter when she pulled out a large soft toy from her bag. Amid sips of their brew, Paul showcased glimpses of his upcoming books set to hit shelves later this year.

Kathy and Paul enjoying a catch up recently in North London

Kathy and Paul’s camaraderie dates back to the 1990s when they made their joint debut on the screens through the sketch comedy Harry Enfield and Chums alongside luminaries like Harry Enfield, Lucinda Fisher, and David Barber. The acclaimed BBC series, spanning two seasons from 1994 to 1998, has returned for Christmas specials and even graced a Comic Relief short.

Kathy in a 90’s sketch with Harry Enfield and Paul Whitehouse on Harry Enfield and Chums

Paul recently joined Kathy on her popular podcast, Where There’s A Will There’s A Wake, discussing unconventional topics, including funeral plans. Their banter took an unexpected turn as Paul humorously detailed his peculiar preferences for his own demise: “I’d like an overdose of some heroin, I think, something like that,” he quipped, drawing laughter from Kathy. The two engaged in a lighthearted hypothetical conversation about the matter.

Whitehouse’s wit shone as he playfully referred to Kathy as his “death hostess,” hinting at their shared sense of humour. He even jestingly disclosed gifting “Dignitas vouchers” to his friend and co-star Harry for his birthday, reminiscing about their shared onstage gags about Dignitas.
In the podcast chat, Paul candidly spoke about his life choices, including trying ecstasy and joining the cast of Only Fools and Horses The Musical for an upcoming tour.

Kathy with her trusty trolly whilst enjoying a drink and a chat with Paul

Kathy’s charm has endeared her to new generations of fans, thanks to her successful forays into podcasting, her engaging Twitter presence, and thought-provoking Channel 4 documentaries exploring themes of womanhood. One particular episode of her Channel 4 documentary series, Kathy Burke: Growing Up, resonated with social media audiences. Kathy candidly discussed activism and expressed her disdain for the pejorative misuse of the term “woke.”

Kathy’s candid commentary on The Jeremy Vine Show, in which she swiped at the derogatory use of the term “woke,” was met with widespread acclaim on social media, prompting her admirers to praise her wit and boldness. As her unfiltered opinions resonated, fans took to Twitter to express their admiration for her honest approach.

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