Only Fools and Horses’ Del Boy and Rodney spotted in Wales!

Gemma Thomas
Gemma Thomas
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The legendary comedy sitcom Only Fools and Horses might have ended some years ago, but it looks like the programme’s main characters live in south Wales.

A video has appeared on Facebook showing two blokes looking like they’ve just stepped out of the much-loved comedy series.

However, this isn’t Peckham, south London; it’s Bedwas, near Caerphilly – and much as we’d love to think this is the real David Jason and Nicholas Lyndhurst reprising their most famous roles, we have to concede it’s two doppelgängers looking the spitting image of Del Boy and Rodney.

‘Del’ and ‘Rodney’ spotted in Bedwas

There’s Del striding with all the purpose and swagger of a ducking and diving cockney geezer, complete with a flat cap, sheepskin, gold chain, and cigar. Then there’s younger sibling Rodders looking just as gawky and awkward as the ungainly brother that he is with a blonde mop of ‘hair’, camo jacket, and turn-up jeans with white socks.

Filmed walking in the centre of Bedwas on Saturday, much to the laughter of their mates, it appears they are part of a group heading to Western-super-Mare for a jolly boys outing.

When thinking of their costumes for their trip, they obviously reasoned: ‘He who dares wins!’

Cushty and lovely jubbly, we say.

The last thing you can level at the Welsh Del Boy and Rodney is that they look like plonkers.

These lookalikes truly capture the essence of the iconic characters and bring a touch of comedy nostalgia to the streets of Bedwas.

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