Dial M for Middlesbrough: Sian Gibson admits her hilarious reaction when she met Jason Donovan for the first time

Richard Bevan
Richard Bevan
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Step aside, Hollywood! Middlesbrough was the place to be in 2019 when the popular comedy “Dial M for Middlesbrough” graced our screens. Sequel to Murder On The Blackpool Express  and Death On The Tyne, the film had a host a familiar faces in its cast, including the legendary Jason Donovan. But little did we know that behind the scenes, a hilarious meeting took place when Sian Gibson came face to face with the heartthrob himself.

“Dial M for Middlesbrough” follows the rollercoaster misadventures of Gemma and Terry as they find themselves stranded in a spooky caravan park after their coach breaks down in a ferocious thunderstorm. As they navigate this hilarious disaster, they encounter a motley crew of characters, each with their quirks and eccentricities.

But Johny Vegas let something slip in an interview with What To Watch – Sian Gibson’s comical encounter with the one and only Jason Donovan! He revealed that when the two first met, Sian’s reaction was nothing short of extraordinary.

Jason Donovan played the role of Ken in Dial M for Middlesbrough

According to Gibson’s partner in comedic crime, Johny Vegas, Sian let out a shriek that could shatter glass! “She went up three octaves,” he chuckled. Can you imagine the scene? Sian, the talented actress we all adore, transforming into a giddy schoolgirl at the mere sight of the dashing Donovan.

Sian, still slightly mortified by her over-the-top reaction, recalled, “So embarrassing. I screamed, ‘Jason Donovan!’ in his face.” Oh, Sian, we’ve all been there when faced with our idols. But it seems she quickly redeemed herself, adding, “But I get to touch him, and I’m the most popular mum at school.” Well, there you have it! Sian Gibson, beloved mum and popular actress, has a newfound claim to fame – starring in a film with Jason Donovan!

Of course, the big question remains – what’s it like working with the ’90s heartthrob? Johny replied, “He’s brilliant to work with though. I don’t think he knows how funny he is.” Ah, the unexpected perks of sharing the screen with an international heartthrob!

But “Dial M for Middlesbrough” wouldn’t be complete without the other fabulous cast members. Annette Crosbie, Phil Davis, Sally Lindsay and Joanna Page starred to name a few as well as Jane McDonald and H from Steps playing themselves adding further comedy value.

So, there you have it, the unforgettable encounter between Sian Gibson and Jason Donovan. If you wish to watch “Dial M for Middlesbrough” you can watch it on BBC Iplayer.

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