Eric Idle reveals he and Billy Connolly used to take the p*ss out of King Charles to his face

Richard Bevan
Richard Bevan
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Monty Python legend Eric Idle has spilt the beans on the cheeky banter he and Sir Billy Connolly used to share at dinner parties with King Charles. According to Idle, Prince Charles thoroughly enjoyed their comedic antics.

Reminiscing about those days, Idle revealed, “I met Charles at Billy Connolly’s, but it’s been a while since those days. He’d come over for dinner, and we’d rip his a** and he just loved it. Imagine you’ve got sycophantic people around you all day, and now a bunch of comedians are ripping you apart.”

Surprisingly, Eric Idle doesn’t hold back when it comes to the Royal Family. In a straightforward tweet, he declared, “‘F**k kings’ – a sentiment that resonated with his massive following. Despite being a vocal critic of monarchy, Idle proudly embraces his atheistic views, stating, “To believe in Kings, you need to believe in Gods. I believe in neither.”

Idle Denonuces Royal Family Despite Friendship

Idle’s apathy towards kings doesn’t seem to bother Prince Charles, who gave a shout-out to Monty Python in a recent speech to the German parliament. Charles once offered Idle an unexpected job offer during a dinner party at Billy Connolly’s. In response to Charles’s suggestion, “Eric, why don’t you become my jester?” Idle responded, “Why would I want a f***ing awful job like that?” Despite the cheekiness, Idle secretly admitted feeling flattered by the royal’s proposal.

Eric Idle with Prince Charles. The latter loved a bit of banter apparently!
Eric Idle has always liked to have humourous digs at Charles’ expense.

While Idle may criticise the monarchy, the feeling doesn’t seem to be mutual. Prince Charles has shown a fondness for comedians, with Idle joining the ranks of those who’ve entertained the king. However, Idle’s irreverent stance on kingship remains unwavering.

But Idle doesn’t limit his wit to royal ribbing. At a recent dinner with Tory peer Jeffrey Archer, the 80-year-old received some juicy political gossip. Archer predicted that now former PM Liz Truss “wouldn’t last long,” to which Idle responded with his trademark humour, “I like Jeffrey. He’s very funny – a wonderful gossip.”

Despite his sharp humour, Eric Idle isn’t just about making jokes. In 2019, he faced a serious health challenge when diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. However, the resilient comedian underwent successful surgery to remove the tumour, requiring no further treatment.

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