Ex-Newcastle and Charlton footballer jailed for cheesy chips attack

Richard Bevan
Richard Bevan
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Once heading for a promising career, a former Newcastle United youth team player has found himself in the headlines for all the wrong reasons. The 29-year-old footballer, who also donned the jerseys of Charlton, Hull, and Peterborough, has been handed a 20-month jail sentence for a night that took a severe twist, leaving a 60-year-old woman battered and bruised.

Marcus Maddison, whose career began with the Magpies, unleashed a flurry of cheesy chips that ended in a painful punch, leaving the victim with multiple facial fractures. The incident unfolded during an alcohol-fueled escapade in Darlington last September.

The former midfielder, who also played for Darlington, was sentenced at Teesside Crown Court this morning after admitting to the charge of grievous bodily harm without intent during a hearing in late June.

Maddison, a former Newcastle youth prospect, represented Charlton Atheltic in League One.

Prosecutor Robin Turton laid bare the events of that evening, recounting how Maddison and an acquaintance embarked on a late-night kebab shop visit after leaving The Gate cocktail bar at the hour of 3 am. Amidst expletive-laden exchanges, Maddison hurled insults at the victim’s daughter, setting off an argument.

“F*** off, don’t come near me, you fat s***,” spat Maddison in the confrontation, sparking a torrent of heated words. The tumultuous scene escalated further as another voice cried out, “You f***** wait.” In response, Maddison screamed, “You won’t f***** catch me. You come near me and I’m going to pelt these cheesy chips at you”

Bystanders looked on in shock as Maddison threatened to unleash his cheesy arsenal. His friend pleaded with him to retreat, saying, “Home Marcus, home.” However, Maddison’s intentions became more aggresive as he blundered while attempting to launch his cheesy chips, eventually punching the woman in the face, and fracturing her facial bones.

Paul Reid, presiding over the case, acknowledged the spontaneous yet appalling nature of the assault. The victim was struck with what was described as “devastating force,” compounded by an oversized ring that adorned Maddison’s right fist, eerily reminiscent of a “knuckle duster.”

Maddison was sentenced to 20 months in jail for the incident.

The aftermath painted a grim picture of the victim’s suffering, with blood trickling from her broken nose as she lay unconscious on Duke Street. Darlington Memorial Hospital revealed the extent of her injuries through a CT scan, exposing multiple mid-facial bone fractures that continue to plague her with numbness, sinus troubles, and dizzying spells.

In a swift response, Darlington FC severed ties with the player, terminating his contract by mutual agreement. The club’s statement outlined their staunch stance against discrimination, violence, or abusive behaviour.

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